My Hero Academia “Golden Tips Imperial” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about My Hero Academia episode 83, or in other words “Golden Tips Imperial”. Last week’s episode was one which came and went pretty fast, but the set-up was there to build on the anticipation we should all be feeling towards the finished product to hit during the School Festival. “Golden Tips Imperial” had some expectations to meet between the students finding new motivation to pull off their performance, and Midoriya finally taking the next step in making One For All his own.

One thing we had to look forward to this episode was what happens when Eri makes her first visit to the school. I found this to be a very endearing scene. Off the bat this is the kind of experience she has been denied a long time because of Chisaki. It was nice to see her take in the warm welcomes, the spectacle of all these students working on amazing displays, and people simply giving her something hopeful to look at in the world. At the same time this part was appreciated because this was also a great time to get into the problems which come with the School Festival. As some have said before, this is a bold time to go through with an event this big. Anything can go wrong, and the school is always one incident away from losing all credibility. There was no better time than now to establish the confidence that the teachers have in seeing this through to the end for the sake of the students.

What came next of course was the continued process in Class-1A putting together their show. It was a smart idea that as soon as things began coming together, they would also start picking up the pace. There is honestly only so many week they can spend on just setting things up. We’ve never known My Hero Academia to be the kind of series to allow a story to drag on, so thee was no reason to start now. It helped seeing how far other classes and years came in contrast.

After seeing the Heroes Rising movie earlier this week, I was happy to finally begin seeing where some of the things seen in the movie take form. One thing which really caught me off guard was seeing some support items we’ve never seen before in use, and techniques used which we never knew would so soon be mastered. This episode offered an excellent point of entry for those progressions to be made. Something else which again I welcomed was actually seeing All Might being a proper mentor. Let’s not beat around the bushes here, the guy sucks at teaching, and he should be so much better having the status he does. Especially when it comes to explaining the best way to use his own power. It was important that he could get somewhere somehow where he was actually taking Midoriya’s continued improvements seriously.

Now it’s not that I’m the kind of guy to care about getting to know the villain, but I always draw the line at feeling sympathy for them. This week they decided that it was time for us to understand what kind of trials Gentle Criminal went through in order to get where he is now. That was time spent very well because it pays off giving us villains who actually make use of the kind of world they live in. If we had villains in our world, you know they would find some way to take advantage of the internet and the attention which comes from views and clicks. So far these two villains represent that role very well. By the end of the episode they did very well when also addressing how villains like this will go to great lengths for the sake of having an audience. That is just as dangerous as someone who cares very little about what the world thinks of their actions.

With the conclusion of My Hero Academia “Golden Tips Imperial”, they continue nailing the hype we should be feeling with the festival right around the corner. Who knows if we’ll even get to see Class-1A’s performance with Gentle Criminal trying to crash the party, but so far they have made everything worth looking forward to whether it is that moment, Eri’s excitement from the festival, or anything else that could happen between.

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