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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Marauders #9! Marauders #8 was an issue that floored you more than Kate’s death when seeing what it looks like when mortality greets the currently unkillable. This is an age of mutants where it does not pay to be on their bad side. Speaking of being on someone’s bad side, it was easy to see that someone else might find themselves there when it seems like Yellowjacket was going to get too bold in his snooping.

If there’s one thing I do always appreciate about the books I invest in, it is the idea that nothing drags on longer than it ever should. In the case of Pyro being host to one Yellowjacket who was trying to use him to acquire secrets, they wasted no time getting around to how the mutants handle this new development. I mean, on an island like this, was it ever truly possible that an unwanted guest would really get away with sitting inside of a mutant? One would think that there had to be at least one defense against such intrusions. With that said, everything came down to the execution of that moment as well. I enjoyed that despite jumping right into it, there was an ease to it at the same time. It was welcomed that between Emma Frost and Bishop there was a clever plan set in motion which ensured that there was no loss, yet also a benefit to take from stopping Yellowjacket the right way. By the end of the issue you could see that everything which transpired was well thought through from beginning to end.

Speaking of things they did not drag on, it was only a matter of time before someone actually addressed the problem that is the Homines Verendi. Of all the things that the mutants would have to deal with, there is only so long that they could ever go without actually tracking down this problem to the source. How they handled this was a chilling scene because this is not an enemy they aren’t familiar with. They know who the Verendi were before, the kind of trouble they bring with them, and why this latest attack is not something they would look any other way than personal.

This issue was overall a fast read. However, there is something to admire about taking an issue like this to focus down on one thing important to tackle. Last issue it was how they handled the death of Kate. This issue it was how they could handle Yellowjacket’s intrusion without losing control of a situation which had not yet gotten out of control.

For this issue, there was nothing too standout about the interior work from this art team. I don’t even mean that in a bad way either. Unless you are going big, the one thing an art team should always strive for is a consistency to quality between the pencil, inks, colors, and even lettering. Where they did get a bit experimental was with the imagery created inside the mind of Pyro. It goes without saying that when in someone’s head, it goes a long way to distinguish the difference between what the person is thinking, and what they are seeing with their own eyes. Fading the colors was a nice touch. Aside from this, I loved the new look for Bishop. It has been a long time since he had ever wore anything outside of his future costume. How he took to the look of a Red Bishop was a bold change to his style. And they accomplished this look without sacrificing the practicality he will always need as a frontline soldier.

At the end of the day, Marauders #9 had one objective and accomplished it. Another problem surfaced, another problem put to rest, while at the same time acknowledging an enemy who has attracted the wrong kind of attention from the mutants. It should be interesting to see where they go from here because they can either focus more on the mystery behind Kate’s situation, the true reason for her death, or jump into the next Hellfire Trading Company job.

Marauders #9




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