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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Strikeforce #7! As one chapter comes to a close, another one starts anew! The awesome thing about a book like Strikeforce is that there’s almost nothing to expect from this book once getting past that first mission. Like I’ve said before, when you get past what brings a team like this together, the big question will always be what KEEPS them together. I anticipated this issue when this is where the longevity of the book would truly be tested.

Now before we get into what keeps them together, let’s start with what brings them to Monsert Island. This was an interesting next destination and development because instantly you are going to be wondering where a Monster Island came from. And not only that, but how Deadpool of all people came to be king of the monsters. It’s always bold to go with something that someone might have to be up to date on another book to fully grasp. Fortunately in the case of Strikeforce, these questions aren’t really as important as what brings them there in the first place. That was something you could have possibly figured out the gist of for yourself, but it still mattered to get an explanation somewhere within the issue.

With that said, if this is your first experience with Monster Island, then the time spent showing what life is like for them was a treat. Just because Deadpool has the responsibility of a king, it didn’t change the fact that underneath it all he is still Deadpool. The same guy up to some shenanigans. The only difference is that he doesn’t get into anything too outrageous. It was actually more surprising to see where he drew a line between things he would have done back then versus now.

The Strikeforce team itself was not without a challenge in what came next for them. Our answer to what keeps hem together is simply the fact that the job isn’t done till the Vridai have a new home. One would think that should be very simple, but apparently that is easier said than done. Not a bad thing of course when nothing for a team like this should ever be that straightforward. This takes them through monster island, and for the most part it is their reaction and response to everything around them which makes the experience engaging. Especially when it came to the very reason why some of them fit in, appearance aside. That said, what challenges they faced this time around was intense. Handling these Vridai should be a simple task, and yet they are forced to walk on eggshells every step of the way. The corner this shoved them into was one heck of a way to shake things up, yet also take this mission to the heart of their troubles.

There was actually some solid character development in this issue, and that was something not to overlook for a book like this. The expectation naturally is that Strikeforce is action-packed, which makes moments where characters genuinely connect, special. Especially when said scene or scenes involve the characters who are not the most approachable.

Still the consistency in quality from the interior art is impeccable. With each passing issue, I enjoy the fact that there is hardly anything I could ever say that is troublesome about the artwork. On one hand this art team has a distinct style which works perfectly with the air of unnatural which sweeps through this story. One the other hand the dark colors really capture a tone which sends the message that you should never get too comfortable with anything that seems like peace. Considering this is set in Monster Island for the most part, it mattered seeing how creative they could also get with all the different monsters we could encounter throughout the issue. That was as unique as what an island could look like inhabited by them. The settings were also familiar between the buildings and city blocks, though had the added addition of greens wrapping around it all.

Strikeforce #7 brings us to the next stretch in this story, and Monster Island might be one of the more exciting destinations next to the Casino. There was action, there was some humor thrown in, but what brought it all together was getting some notable character moments. Striking that kind of balance works to the benefit of a book like this when you want to give readers a reason to keep coming back for more.

Strikeforce #7




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