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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Go Go Power Rangers #30! At the end of Go Go Power Rangers #29, we now found ourselves with two different stories to follow. One where we take this adventure with Jason, Zack, and Trini as they tackle their first mission as Omega Rangers. Then follow whatever else it is that the rest of the Rangers could get into on their own.

With the start of this issue, they jumped right into where things ended last for the Omega Rangers’ first mission on Khoodjah. When the expectation was not that they would have an easy time on their first go around, we were pretty much looking forward to the challenges they would face. Not only this, but the discoveries they would make about what this mission as a whole is asking of them when encountering these individuals exposed to the energies of the Morphin Grid. What they experienced in this first encounter was exciting because there was no telling how this was going to go for them. Obviously there was going to be some resistance to their help, and there was also going to be shock from seeing what these people can do compared to them. Though everything came down to how they would handle these challenges. The action did not disappoint from them, neither did the communication either which actually mattered more than anything else in the end.

Through this issue we also come to understand what is at stake through the perspective of The Emissary. This is something I welcomed seeing early on, and I hope they do not let up giving this character as much room to have a presence in this adventure. Already I enjoy this character more than I would Zordon. The Emissary has a bit more personality, insight, and actually has the ability to be more involved than simply communicating from one spot.

Getting back to the other half of the team left behind, it was an interesting transition because of the decision that questions needed to be squashed about what Jason, Zack, and Trini are up to. In a better world we wouldn’t need to worry about perfect alibis or excuses for why certain people act off. However, that is not the world we live in now. Now it is a problem if things can’t be explained. Particularly if members of the Power Rangers can’t wonder what is really up when others go off to do something that seems out of character for them. Putting Kimberley in that position was smart since it would be her to pick up on these things more than Tommy or Billy. The conversation between them was believable too, considering there are plenty of reasons for why people act the way they do at their age.

Now that Go Go Power Rangers #29 has passed, now we can talk about the bold plan from Lord Zedd that is infiltrating Promethea. I was very excited when this name came up again. I had my worries that we wouldn’t see that place, or even hear about Grace for a long while. It mattered that this was not a new development in the series to be forgotten so easily. Particularly when it was only a matter of time before there was something else in their possession that someone else wanted. This force Zedd unleashed to get that thing was formidable. If you ask what makes him so different from Rita, it’s the sheer fact that he will throw everything out there for what he wants.

There was some notable character moments, though for the most part this was an action-packed issue, and for that this art team did marvelous in every scene. Let’s start with the character designs. Whether it was the people of Khoodjah, or the soldiers of Promethea, Francesco Mortarino did an excellent job in drawing each and every one of these people involved. A unique race of people, soldiers outfitted with gear to handle the likes of putty monsters. Let’s not forget both Grace’s uniform and Mechazord. All of it was rendered very well with detail in every aspect of their composition. Aside from that, the action was also in your face. The use of perspective worked well, especially when in combination with engagement from the surroundings in the settings. What brought it all together was the colors from Raul Angulo which made it all pop. Certain parts of the story felt like it was something out of an action movie, which is the right reaction to take from an encounter with Lord Zedd that has such high stakes.

Go Go Power Rangers #30 did not disappoint one bit in giving us the best of both worlds from two different storylines. Following the Omega Rangers in space is quite the experience so far, and Lord Zedd continues to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with when someone has something he wants. That he could give Promethea and half the Rangers a run for their money was the best way to make the statement that he is not to be taken lightly.

Go Go Power Rangers #30




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