Review: The Terrifics #26

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Terrifics #25! New story arc time for The Terrifics! After he memorable adventure that was the milestone 25th issue last month, it was anyone’s guess as t what this team would get int next. All that we knew was that this creative team had our undivided attention giving us a series that is unlike anything else that DC has to offer.

The scene that this story arc opened on was a bold one. With everything that The Terrifics have been through, you would think that by now they would be done with anything that is caused by Stagg of all people. One guy can only cause a city so much trouble, right? Especially when not every intention is to actually hurt people. A lot of things could have been wrong about their execution of this new plot, but it made a big difference that there was much more to what we were seeing than what was on the surface. The source of the trouble was out there, and for once you were actually put in a position where it was possible to sympathize with Stagg. From there, we were only left to wonder what kind of deal someone could offer a businessman as rich as Stagg to allow what was about to transpire to happen.

One thing which had me stunned this month was the way that this issue finally gave us a version of this team that we needed to see for a long time now. Its exciting when The Terrifics are out there handling the newest impossible situation or oddity, but this is also a team where you expect that they take advantage of what they are truly capable of. I mean this is a team led by Mr. Terrific of all heroes, and they are somehow usually surrounded by some innovative individuals. When that is the case, it is safe to say that there can be some expectation where things are being invented, lives are made to be easier, the world is taking one small step into the future. Better now than never if you ask me.

So the hype was not for nothing when they said that in this period of time Mr. Terrific is seeking to redefine the concept of super-heroics with bleeding-edge technology and targeted global problem-solving. The first steps are taken in this issue and this is just what we needed to renew our investment once more in what this book has to offer. With that said, the kind of trouble the team runs into because of this progress made sense as well. You don’t make this kind of step towards evolving and revolution without some equal force trying to fight back. A bit on the nose when it comes to remnants of evils past, but what else do you expect when the trouble is also otherworldly?

Aside from this, these mysterious benefactors were a big surprise by the end of the issue. Completely unexpected who they turned out to be and hopefully the answer to how they came to be will satisfy the questions now raised because of their involvement in the book.

This new art team too was a big change that was worth taking a chance on for a book like this. Compared to other books out there from DC, The Terrifics is one which you want to have some of the best artists on to handle the interiors. Up to this point it has been rare that we came across an art team which has let us down. Each one blows you away because every flips of the page hits you with astonishing renders between he characters, settings, and many new things that their corner of the universe dishes out every time. This story arc stands out from the rest because we actually break into the world of demons and monsters. It was very creative to see what they could come up with that would terrify us and these heroes. Overall, excellent details from the pencil work, depth from the inking, and energy from the colors which as usual is no surprise from Protobunker.

A bold new direction for The Terrifics was right! This book right here is a nonstop adventure, and it goes a long way that this is a creative team which consistently pushes the envelope as to where these new adventures can take us, how the team will grow along the way. The Terrifics #26 started us off on the right note with the team doing the kind of work they should have always been doing and kicked off a new plot which takes us where we never thought we would go.

The Terrifics #26




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