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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the release of the Bloodshot Movie! Finally here we are at the start of what could be an amazing new superhero universe on the big screen. I know some people have their reservations because of the whole Sony, Paramount deal, BUT at the end of the day we have our first Valiant movie released to the public. There is no better time to be a Valiant fan, or more importantly a Bloodshot fan.

Now the big thing about a movie like Bloodshot is how you introduce this character to the general population. What Valiant is so good ate when it comes to their books is how they make jumping into a new story easily accessible for everyone. That’s the easy part. Its a whole different ball game when you are trying to do this with a movie. It matters that they are introduced to this world not having to ask too many questions about who Bloodshot is. As his origin story, we had to all be on the same page that we knew as little as there is to know about Ray as him. Some people will also say all sorts of things about the way that this movie plays out, but the honest truth is that the best way to appreciate this movie is to go in with some idea as to who Bloodshot is. Yes, he is another soldier manipulated against his will to kill people. However, there is much more emphasis placed on the morality of it. You have to go in with an open mind to seeing past what you may feel like you’ve seen before.

The excitement in getting to know Bloodshot was understanding the fundamental differences from someone who heals the same way that he does, or someone who is just as efficient with weaponry and technology. A lot of the explanation came down to what the nanites in Bloodshot’s blood allowed him. They simplified things a bit, but at the same time it did not hurt when all viewers needed to know was that as long as those nanites existed? He was a killing machine until ran out. With that said, the effects were also stunning because they wasted no opportunity to show how badly Bloodshot could get hurt before his body repaired itself. You saw his face blown off, skin torn from his body, and much more. We also saw at an incredible speed how fast someone like him could process and dig through information. Every step was taken through a fast pace to make it believable.

The story progression was solid for what we got out of this movie. When it came to the plot, it was fairly straightforward. So everything came down to the execution in how everything unfolded. There was more to it than simply finding out that almost everything he knew was implanted memories. He had to also be able to question what he knew as a whole. Then he had to question the people who put those memories in his head. The conspiracy they created from this kept the drive personal when it came to who Bloodshot was actually going to turn his attention to when looking for revenge. From there it was all high-octane action which had an excellent choreography to it. It made a difference that everyone fought as though they had years of experience mixed with comfort in the augmentations they personally received.

When it came to the rest of the supporting cast, they all did manage to stand out in surprising ways. Mainly because characters like KT and Wilfred Wigans filled in the proper role in what it is like when you are tangled in this world. KT in particular was memorable for the inner-conflict that someone would face in her position when doing things which go against what they stand for. How much is too much? That is the question you asked with her. Then Wilfred Wigans was a delight for someone who has too much energy for getting himself in the trouble he did. The best way to describe his character is a tech guy who knows his worth to get away with being goofy. The accent was spotty, but you had to admire the humor which we consistently got from him which surprisingly did not take away from the more serious moments.

As far as villains went, I loved how they portrayed RST (Rising Spirit Technologies). In the Valiant Universe, this is the big bad corporation that thrives on war. Dr. Emil Harting was perfect as the face of RST because you could look at this guy and be convinced that he was up to no good, and willing to go to some dark places in order to get what he wanted. The best thing about the character was the fact that he tried very hard to come off as someone genuine. Maybe not to the people who worked under him, but to us and Bloodshot it wasn’t easy to see past the charade until he dropped it. The only issue I could find was the fact that there was no real reason for the why Dalton was the way he was. Don’t get me wrong, terrifying enemy for the madness that went on upstairs, and for the modifications/upgrades he took on for combat purposes, but he wasn’t one of those guys who you simply took for being bad just because.

If you are going into the Bloodshot movie looking for the best thing ever, then try again. You should walk into the theater with the same expectations you would have for any origin movie for an anti-hero/superhero who serves as the first in a line of movies to come. Overall there was a solid story, welcoming introduction, great use of the source material, intense action scenes, and mind-blowing effects. That is a winning combination to me.

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