Batwoman “Off With Her Head” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Batwoman “Off With Her Head”! After an episode which mostly focused on Sophie, and left you with mixed feelings, I was happy that this week they intended to blow the doors off through a full revelation in what Alice experienced while missing all of those years. Even if she cracked and decided to become Alice, that never explained where she turned psycho. Neither did it explain where this experience was so dark that she hated the thought of recollecting those memories.

This right here was one of the strongest episodes from the series because everything finally started to come full circle for Alice and her family. Now I know I’m the kind of guy who believes a villain should just be a villain. That there is never a necessity in understanding why or how. However, when you have made a character as central as Alice? You go all in. That is what they did this week as there as nothing left but to confront the truth. By the looks of the promos leading up to this episode airing, we knew that Alice was going to find herself exposed to the same gases as Mouse. Though the only question was what she would see. This was an interesting approach they took towards unraveling those unspoken periods of time. I felt some sort of way myself when you couldn’t have braced yourself for how much worse things could have gotten for her, and then to go through it all again exposed to a gas which takes the experience to extremes?

With that said, it didn’t stop there. It wouldn’t be enough for us to know these things. It was another thing entirely for both Kate and Jacob to find this out for themselves. How this came about was clever on the part of Alice. The who wasn’t even the important part really, it was what Cartwright did and what he had to say which was important. And what he had to say? Rocked their world to the very core. Definitely bold on Cartwright’s part to tell this twisted tale to Kate of all people, but it was a story that would be told eventually. It was thrilling to witness both of them who gave up on Beth/Alice suddenly overcome with these feelings they did not expect to have towards what she went through. I was happier that Jacob was present for all of this. His character has been needing some sort of redemption, and this was a first step to take for him knowing that he was blinded to something which could have avoided so much trouble if he were more understanding.

Which brings us to Kate. All of this stirred up quite the storm in her head. Where Jacob was worried about what was done to his Beth, Kate was in the process of connecting dots to find out what really happened to both Beths. This was a crucial period for Kate because she has never been pushed this far emotionally or mentally. To stand this close to someone who killed an alternate version of her sister? And stand this close to someone who allowed so much misery to destroy her actual sister? We all knew where this was leading, though the road to that point was what mattered most.

Now Cartwright himself has beenĀ  a chilling character. There’s nothing about this guy that does not make you uncomfortable. Every time he opens his mouth it feels like he is pushing for something. A reaction, a response, something that takes you outside of your comfortzone.

Aside from this, it was entertaining to see Mary and Luke working together on their end to make progress in finding the person who killed Beth. It was all pointless in the end considering how behind they were to everything going on around them, but it was hard to ignore what does working putting them together. It was also a solid opportunity to further push for verification of what she now knows without setting off any red flags that she does know.

Like I said above, Batwoman “Off With Her Head” is without a doubt one of the most powerful episodes of the series so far. It was compelling, and rewarded us all for the patience we had in getting the full story on all that missing time Alice had with this twisted family.

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