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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DCeased: Unkillables #2! Right now, I feel like this is going to be another book from Tom Taylor that has readers talking for a good while. Surely enough we all thought that this was just going to be one of those books where they did something apocalyptic for the sake of it. It has been one shock after the new seeing just how wrong we could have been about that. DC has truly invested in what kind of universe has been molded through such a simple concept blown up to mass proportions.

Off the bat with the start f this issue, I appreciated that there was actually a better understanding of when this story took place. I will say that before the debut issue I assumed that the point in time was after everyone had left Earth. It makes a difference that sooner rather than later there was clarity that this was all before the events of the first volume concluded. This changed the understanding of this story in a big way. I found myself enjoying the fact that just like that there same fear and urgency we experienced before could be felt again.

When it came to Jason Todd, Gordon, and Cassandra Cain, the big question surrounding these three was where they ended up in all of this madness when everyone else either died or escaped from Earth. There had to be some obstacle they faced which kept them right where they are currently. The answer to that was pretty simple, but nonetheless it was one you could believe considering what these three stand for. For a book like this, there is something to appreciate about characters who really risk it all for what is in front of them rather than only seeing the big picture. Regardless, you still want to see how far this all plays out for them when there is only so long that you can hole up in one place. What happens when safe is not safe anymore? Certainly the answer is not one you want either, but this is the kind of world you immerse yourself in knowing that the chances of a happy ending are small.

Till that terrible end? Whenever that is whether in the next volume or the next issue? I just loved that there was some room for endearment from these characters. Even some surprise guests in the orphanage who you never would have expected to adjust to life within the same walls as innocent children. If there’s one thing you can’t take from Taylor, it’s that he knows how to capture your heart while consistently finding new ways to tear it out.

Speaking of fleeting safety, this brings us to the actual Unkillables with Savage on his island. When you bring a group of killers together like this, you have to know that something is going to go wrong. If this were anyone else putting this group together, maybe you could have seen some light at the end of the tunnel. Though at the end of the day this is Savage, and the guy really knows how to use everyone around him for his own gain. I welcomed the quickness met with seeing that crack in his plan. The scene was intense, and you have to give this creative team credit that they decided to go with the worst case scenario. When they said this would take the form of a certain wondrous woman? I think we all knew what they meant. What came from that

I know that there are some readers out there who look at the interior work from this art team, and feel that there could be better, but honestly? I do not share in the same opinion. I look at the interior work from Karl Mostert, Trevor Scott, Neil Edwards, and Rex Lokus, and I see imagery which perfectly matches the tone of the story. Mostert’s pencils are on point for the way that he is able to capture the grittiness which comes with a world of chaos and emotions running high. Not to mention capturing action which is supposed to make you cringe. This person getting ripped in half, that person bit, everyone else getting torn apart, neither Mostert or Rex Lokus skipped a beat getting into every brutal detail. For Lokus in particular I was once more impressed that he is someone comfortable enough coloring scenes like this that he knows how to render and never get carried away with reds. This is bloody action, but never to the point where it ever has to distract you from the fact that these two take the time to pencil and color everything possible.

Just like the first issue, DCeased: Unkillables #2 keeps you at the edge of your seat for the ensuing chaos which does not discriminate between hero, anti-hero, or villain. There’s always moments to experience happiness with this creative team, but even now they know how to play with your emotions when nothing lasts forever.

DCeased: Unkillables #2




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