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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Doctor Tomorrow #2! I gotta say that this one took me by surprise. I know what I was looking forward to from this book, and then got something else entirely. Even though Doctor Tomorrow sets itself up as your average superhero story, it still manages to break from the mold by finding something which makes it its own. That being the central theme of time and space.

The last time we were treated to an adventure like this? It was with Ivar, Timewalker. A brilliant book and entry-point into that corner of the Valiant Universe. So that made this trip back something to appreciate. Through this second issue, they chose the right time to add clarity to where this Doctor Tomorrow comes from. It was one heck of a twist initially to find out that this guy was really an older version of Bart from an alternate universe. Now was the time to show us what kind of world he came from, and how that danger traveled multiple universes to this one. Overall this created a better understanding of who he is as an individual, and made you care more about what he has to offer his younger counterpart. With that said, I do hope that they do not miss out on the chance to give character development to the younger Bart. It would be a waste if there wasn’t a true endgame for him being involved in this fight to stop Hadrian.

With a book like this I also enjoyed the way that Doctor Tomorrow digs deeper with the explanation of how space-time works in this multiverse. No universe works the same, so it made a difference here that the time was put into adding some flavor to the way these universes connect. The best thing of course ended up being the fact that everything about its composition was straightforward. There wasn’t much about it that would go over your head, or ask for you to think more than you really had to. To me, that is a huge plus when some creative teams out there will do a lot, and care little that they run the risk of losing readers along the way. You should always handle these things keeping in mind that not everyone processes information the same.

Now what shocked me was seeing how fast this story would progress in a matter of two issues. When we arrived at that opening scene of the first? It was easy to assume that we would reach that climatic battle by maybe the fourth or fifth issue. Who would have guessed that we would already get there by the second? Well, to be specific it was more that this issue set things up for that scene to unfold. Though still this was a great progression altogether because this created a sense of urgency to stopping Hadrian while at the same time setting the stakes.

Where I didn’t have too much of an opinion of the artwork for the first issue, I went into this second issue with one better. Mostly because there was more consistency in the pencils from start to finish which read that there was a greater sense of comfort in the way that these characters and settings were drawn. In other words, a better perspective taken in some panels, as well as better proportions. It mattered a lot in this issue specifically when there was a lot more going on in contrast to the first issue. Plenty more characters involved, and more notable character moments. Nailing these things visually is how we also find confidence in what the art team has to offer. Aside from this, the colors were bold and came with a good range. This kind of combination works very well with making the art as a whole pop. The explosiveness is not the same as the first issue, but maintaining the same level of energy is always recommended when transitioning into a second chapter.

If you were probably on the fence about what you thought of Doctor Tomorrow, this second issue delivers on much more that should get you invested in what’s to come. This confrontation with Hadrian is supposed to be massive, but the devil is in the details. Anticipation for next month’s issue should be high considering the way that context can change an experience.

Doctor Tomorrow #2




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