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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the new book that is Guardians of the Galaxy #3! Like I said last month, this book right here has quickly become a must-read from Marvel. I expected to be humored by this book, and so far have been hit with an emotional ride that is so compelling for where it places these characters in their character history. They have seen countless battles, they have experienced loss, and now they have reached that point where hard choices have to be made about possible futures outside of that.

Star Lord made his choice, and to say that the Guardians’ first mission came to a cataclysmic end was one heck of an understatement because of it. Nothing was guaranteed between the difficulty they faced, the challenges they had to overcome, or the guarantee that everyone would have made the return trip. I mean, how do you turn back and explain to Gamora of all people that the person she loved, and wanted to have a peaceful life with, is dead for choosing one more battle to play hero? That is what I braced for flipping open to that first page.Of course, there was also the anxiousness for how this would turn out considering they have decided to go with three stories of two bonds broken, and one born again to tackle this.

The first part of the story was unique because they really decided to take this from the perspective of Groot. Now I’m not going to lie, I almost felt like I was missing something at first since it was Groot speaking clearly and everyone else speaking the way he would. That threw me for a loop initially, though at the same time I welcomed the way they shook it up to make the focus on Groot more personable. Sometimes I almost wish they would do this a bit more often since it changes a lot about the way Groot interacts and responds to what’s going on around him. It’s one thing to know that those three words can mean him saying a lot of things, yet another thing entirely to actually read that yourself. That said, it was also the artwork which made a big difference here. With everyone else speaking like Groot, it was more important that their body language spoke to what they weren’t saying themselves. So there was appreciation for the way that the artists were able to communicate the emotions through their facial expressions and actions.

What came of the next part of the story was also unique for what the death of Peter brought about in Drax and Moondragon. You would think that this would be more of a period of grief for them, but this death brought about meditation for these two. With this being the third issue, this was a great time to explore where these two are at in their lives. As I said above, everyone has been through  lot. It takes a tragedy like this for people to truly reflect on what is in front of them. In their case? A reflection on what is real at a time like this.

As for the third, obviously this had to be a story of a bond broken. It was heartbreaking stepping into the mind of Gamora. When you know the kind of person she is, then you know that this is an overwhelming experience. Someone who feels so little, and yet can feel so much like a flick of a switch. It was tragic just visually getting that one page where you could see the hope gone from her eyes. It was at that point that it could be understood where the idea of this West Spiral Arm Guardians might start to form. For her part of the story, the art team also played a big part in selling you on the emotional weight of it all. It mattered to follow her processing of events as a series of memories and thoughts. Here, there, faded, though all the same broken.

Something else I enjoyed seeing from this art team was the way they now draw some of these Guardians in their new costumes. For someone like Drax, there was a classic look to him, Groot stayed the same of course, but for everyone else there was some change in the way they now dressed. Fitting for the kind f work they now do.

Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy #3 did not waste this opportunity to show how integral Peter was to the foundation of this family. The loss of someone like him changes everything, where the loss of a certain person to blame for the loss was not so much. It should be interesting to see what being a guardian now means when fighting for something other than the fate of the universe.

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