Review: Predator: Hunters III #2

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Predator: Hunters III #2! The game is afoot, and its the same challenge as before. Getting to this new Predator before those who have no idea what they’re doing get themselves killed. We’ve all seen what that looks like from the events of Predator: Hunters II, so the anticipation was struck from the very start to see what would happen this time around.

Now before we get into that, this would be Predator if this creative team was not able to indulge in a little horror along the way. The first scene hits hard because of what a simple expedition turned into for three unsuspecting friends. There will be some out there who will wonder why we can’t just have people run into the Predators who are actually equipped for that kind of threat. The answer to that is easy. You can never be reminded too much of what you are dealing with when it comes to these Predators. They are the kind who will retaliate if you shoot first, the kind who will strike if you stumble into their territory unwelcome, and the kind who will kill regardless just for the sake of taking a trophy from their kill. What we got from that first scene sent the message loud and clear. To say that the Predators are busy racking up a body count in the jungle was quite the understatement between that and what was still to come later in the issue. .

This of course leads straight back to the Hunters. It was with this second issue where we could also feel that there was a very different atmosphere from the last two volumes. In this third installment, the team lacked the same cohesiveness that they had before. That is not to say that things were perfect for them, but there was much less tension as what we are getting from these members. It was obviously nothing I could argue with ultimately because small things like this can make  huge difference down the road. Especially when you have to depend on the person next to you in order to survive a Predator encounter.

That said, the story progression was solid for this second chapter. The Hunters have gotten where they need to be to begin the mission, but the mission can only truly kick off once they have gotten all the pieces they need to make a move. I enjoyed where this took them considering some faces popped up who added some refreshing insight into what it is like for others who have shared in the same experience to tell the tale. Enough so that the best takeaway was understanding exactly the kind of trouble that comes with running into others who also share the same objective. Whether they turn out more competent than everyone who tried before them will be interesting to find out.

For the same reason that I loved the interior work in the first issue, the same feeling came with this second issue too. As I said before, it makes a huge difference that with each volume of this book we can jump back into the world of Predator with the same art team that is comfortable with the way that they draw these characters, settings, and more importantly execute the action scenes. The action did not disappoint in this issue either. Nothing over the top, but it was brutal and always set the tone for what we should expect from this new hunt. It even helped to see some of the scenes the Predators would leave behind just to stir up some fear for those who would dare come looking for a fight. With that said, the setting of Belize so far has been a refreshing change of scenery from Afghanistan. Mostly for the colors if you ask me because there is much more variety to play with when it comes to the contrast from a desert to more lush forests.

Predator: Hunters III #2 served as an exhilarating transition from the first issue. We walk away from this second chapter with a good sense of what to expect from this group of Predators, what to expect from the newly arrived Russian team that is after the same quarry, and from our team of Hunters who need to get themselves together if they want to survive what they are getting themselves into.

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