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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Undiscovered Country #5! As I said before, the events of Undiscovered Country #4 made this a book you will want to stick with to the bitter end. Just when you thought you had things figured out, just like that you find out that you really knew nothing. A great feeling to get so lost in a mystery which only runs deeper and deeper. Not to mention gets more dangerous the deeper you go.

This issue picked up right where the previous left off. With the two siblings carrying out this deal with the Destiny Man in order to take the next steps towards finding their dad. While it has felt like their arguments go in circles, there was still something to appreciate about the context of it all. Especially when it comes to both arguing who is more selfish. The one who put his own mission above the lives of everyone else, or the one who put her job above the finding the truth of what happened to her own parents. When they got past that, there was only what would happen once these two reached Sam with the key. I enjoyed that this turned into something else entirely from what you braced yourself for. This could have been a fairly straightforward transaction, but the choice to throw a twist in there added to the interest-level in what this is all now building up to.

Catching up with the others, it was interesting to see how they would get themselves out of their new situation. Some of us would have expected Undiscovered Country #4 to mark some of the more painful bits of the story for them, but it seems that sort of darkness still has to be earned for this group. Till then, it was just exciting seeing how some of their skills were still very useful at a time like this. Whether it is the use of the drone, understanding the layout of the building, or just being able to take charge, they are certainly equipped as people you shouldn’t underestimate based on appearances.

Like the issues before there was always one character to focus on for us to understand better. Even after the truth bomb dropped on the group’s lap in the previous issue, it still mattered to know where they all came from to get where they are now. Last time it was Valentina, this time around the spotlight turns to the pilot to get to know Pavel better. Just like the others, there was some tragedy to follow. The only difference was that the tragedy did not stop in the past. He was still experiencing it in the present. We all saw what it looks like when the disposable are thrown into work. Its pretty much a death sentence, so it stung to see what he had to go through as someone who was starting off without a foot.

Unlike the issues before, this one was a bit more tame, which isn’t saying too much considering what kind of surprises this new country has had to throw at us so far. The art team still did a great job of immersing us in this world through everything geographic about this new country that should not be possible, and yet is. The art team continued to stretch their legs giving us more modes of travel, and more creatures which look almost alien. What you definitely appreciate this time around is when you get to the end of the issue and flip to this page with a timeline of the sealing of the USA. It was all very insightful and of course was met with an excellent layout which made it all easy to follow.

Compared to some of the issues before, Undiscovered Country #5 served more as build-up. Though that is not to take away from everything we still managed to discover about this situation. Any issue is wasted if we aren’t getting more depth added to these characters, and pushing further into the la of this land. If you aren’t running from something, you are sure as hell running towards it if you are Sam or the Destiny Man.

Undiscovered Country #5




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