Review: Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9! Never a dull day for Jane Foster, the last of the Valkyries! Especially when a long-awaited team-up between herself and All-Father Thor has already been cut short by possession of the heavy-hitter. You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? They had to spice this up somehow and found the best way to challenge this Valkyrie who has stared down the Death of Death.

A possessed Thor was as bad as it gets in a conflict like this. They wasted little time throwing us right back into what this situation evolved into. With a greater sense of urgency as well considering Valkyrie is still on a clock, and there is little to gain from letting herself get held back by this new obstacle. What I admired about the writing was that even at a time like this, they did not lose track of what makes Valkyrie such a unique character. Once more this wasn’t Jane Foster thinking like someone who in the past wielded the power of Thor. This was Jane thinking like a Valkyrie, and better yet like a doctor at the core. In the end, how she overcame this obstacle was creative for the fact that again she was digging deep to tap into a power which should be impossible for her considering the cost.

What made this so exhilarating compared to other challenges Jane has faced is that she was fighting that close to the edge here. You could say that is nothing new for her, and it isn’t in essence, but what makes Jane so formidable are the lengths she is always willing to go to save the day. Fighting as Thor makes one feel unstoppable, but being a Valkyrie changes everything. Death is more of a possibility with every new encounter which keeps you at the edge of your seat.

With what has now been unleashed, there was no better time than now to jump into the source of this new threat. For everything we already knew about the moment where this infectious energy was released, we also needed to know what led to that very point. That did not disappoint for the explanation we received. All the pieces came together and the only question we were left with after was what the endgame was. The truth to that endgame hit hard by the end of the issue, and you had to love the fact that there was no way to figure this out yourself. You were pretty much along for the ride, for better or for worse. Unraveling the mystery to this, and even getting a proper introduction to The Røkkva was worth the wait for what this is all leading to.

Beyond this, amazing work from the art team too. The work they put into the interiors for this issue was electrifying. It started off solid and consistent at first, but the minute we jumped back into the action with Valkyrie? Simply electrifying for the limits that she pushed herself to. Again it was cool to see what else Valkyrie could turn Undrjarn into. More unique shapes that it took on, as well as different styles of lighting to as distinction. With there being such a focus placed on light versus darkness, the lighting in particular was handled brilliantly. Both colors clashed wonderfully, and with such intensity to created a believably powerful battle which took place between herself and Thor. Aside from that, the cold colors as a whole were stunning for the effects that were used in combination with them. Gradients, range, and even depth made a big difference in that jumping out at you.

Again this was Valkyrie like you have never experienced the character before. Jane Foster consistency proves that there is something about this job that you should never underestimate, particularly when you are properly equipped for the task. Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9 was a mind-blowing experience for how she fought back against this infectious power, and how the end of one danger only made room for another much worse. This is not the book from Marvel to

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9




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