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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about X-Force #9! It seems that they only planned to go so far with this Domino/Colossus storyline, though it was one worth telling for everything these two experienced on their missions. From here, something new as usual to look forward to when there is always something new for this team to deal with.

Still it was nice to see where you could go next with someone like Domino. The last we saw of her, she died, which meant that she was on her way to a fresh new start. Though with cases like hers, how much is actually a fresh start? They didn’t take too long to answer that question, and it helped with providing a further understanding of the benefits and concerns which come with the resurrection protocol.

Fro there we were able to jump into what came next for X-Force. Considering what missions this team had already taken on in the past, it made sense that something would come back around for them. Clearly that had to be what was meant by “reap what you sow”. To say that X-Force found a problem growing that threatens to destroy everything they’ve builtÂ… was quite the understatement in the face of what was literal about that statement. It’s issues like this which continue to make me appreciate this art team. Brilliant work from them for the style they bring to a book like X-Force. The coloring is strange, but it is also marvelous at the same time. It is commendable when you can get any colorist who knows how to deliver organic tones on this scale. And then the pencil work is so defined with a strong attention to detail in everything floronic, and even violent about this storyline.

Though with that said, let’s get back to the mission, because what this turns into was one hell of a shock. You would think that with a team that went in, they should have no problem with what they ran into, and then you would be very wrong. It was thrilling to see that there are still some forces out there that can give them a true run for their money. Enough to make you anticipate the next issue to find out who rocked the boat to unleash what they were sent out to handle.

Nine issues into the book, it was a small bit, but it was one worth recognizing for the effort they have put into questioning what being on this team can do to an individual. If there’s one thing I think most of us stewed on since the start? It was where X-Men like Jean Grey fit into this. Even if she was primarily intelligence, she was still out there on the field and crossing some lines to get the job done. That isn’t really Jean, and at some point there would need to be room to address this. There were some others as well to get into the head of. This job isn’t Genosha or Utopia. This is a whole sentient island, a nation, and a whole new world as a whole. That’s a lot for even the guardians and pencil pushers to keep track of.

There was one thing I loved more than anything else about this issue of X-Force, and that is how this creative team was able to fit in so many characters we haven’t seen in a good while within these pages. It goes without saying that there are a lot of mutants in the X-Men’s library of characters, but there are a lot of these books too. Not to mention this is the early period where you want to see where some of these characters fit in. They did not disappoint showing Gabby, among a number of others who the art team made it fun picking out in the crowd of a certain splash page.

It’s back to work for X-Force, but facing a threat which apparently was not fully dealt with before. X-Force #9 was the full package for the shock, the character development, asking the right questions about the direction of this team, and once more giving us a story where these mutants are doing the work that no one else can handle in their position.

X-Force #9




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