DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness”! Imagine the relief that that wasn’t the last episode for Ray and Nora. Some probably already knew this, but some viewers like myself care more to jump in with a sense of surprise. Last week gave us a beautiful episode, and the best so far for this season, but at the same time we didn’t quite see them take their leave or arrive at the decision that it was time to leave. So the same feeling I had last week carried to the next because I’m not ready to say goodbye to them yet.

First off, this week was refreshing because for the first time in a while since this season began, the mission was not to send back another Encore. This time around, they were beginning their search for the first piece to the Loom of Fate. This took them to a bar where they met face to face with William Shakespeare of all people. Again refreshing for the fact that this wasn’t someone with evil intentions. This just happened to be someone who managed to have something that they needed, though obviously getting that thing was going to be easier said than done. Now where things got fun was how they managed to turn something that should have been so simple, into something so very complicated. It was nostalgic of their older missions and didn’t hurt that they went wild with what it looks like when they once again take on the role of the hammer, instead of the scalpel.

All of this was obviously leading to the Legends somehow doing the play themselves, and hat in itself was worth the investment of the plot. When they screw up history, what comes after is how they repair things to the best of their ability. It’s never perfect, but you love every minute of them doing the best they can to get the end result.

What enriched the experience aside from that was how Ray would look for this to be the perfect hoorah, without telling the one person he was leaving, that he was leaving. This also led to things getting more complicated than they ever had to be, but this actually made sense. If there as one thing this season did lack, it was moments shared between those two where they were brothers in arms. This one hour remedied that lack-of in a big way. On one hand you had Ry who was ready to think of the future, but then you had Nate who is not yet thinking that far. He still lives in the present where he can’t think of doing anything without his best friend. It was crushing to see him work through the reality of what was about to happen, and in such a short amount of time.

When I saw the images that they sent out for this episode, my mind was blown seeing what the girls got themselves into. Mostly when it came to the visuals, lighting, and effects because they got into some crazy stuff that I suppose you could only get your hands on with a ship like the Waverider. It was one thing to see all those things in stills, another thing to actually see the girls go crazy. Scenes like this we should cherish when there’s only so many opportunities to forget everything going on in the world around them to just have fun. I mean, so many things have gone on this season that it was pretty easy to forget that they had a book club which so far is the best way to get them all in the same room. Plus Zari. With that said, I was very happy to see Mona around for this too, and much more. We have not seen her in a good while and it would have been a shame if we went on too long without emphasizing the fact that she is still a Legend.

One good takeaway from the mission was how they fit some character progression for Rory. You would not have thought that this was the right time to dig into his acceptance that he is a father, but they made it happen and it was worth the time that they gave to it. Who knows, maybe this is them getting ready for Rory’s story to also inevitably come around. Another good takeaway from the episode was seeing that putting the pieces of the Loom of Fate together is going to be easier said than done. Not to say that it wasn’t already going to be a challenge, but the plot benefited from the added difficulty that would come from this becoming a race for the pieces. To think that the likes of Astra was going to simply stand aside without interference was never something you could see happening and make sense.

The end was so endearing. It wasn’t just sending Ray himself off on the right note, or Nora. We needed to see what kind of impact this was going to have on everyone else. Ray was a Legend from the very start and had some way of leaving an impression on everyone he met along the way. It mattered that at the very end we could see them all appreciate what it meant to have someone like him aboard. Not to mention show what it is like when that goofiness and smile has left the group. It made a big difference that they could also accomplish this adding their own brand of humor to the moment too. One thing you can’t take from the Legends is that they can go to that place without taking the seriousness from a scene.

After another episode like this? Once more I must say never let anyone tell you that Legends of Tomorrow is a show that is too silly, or one that you can’t take seriously. This one is fun in contrast to most of the others, but never without substance and stakes to the work they do. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Romeo V. Juliet: Dawn of Justness” is what you get when another member takes their leave after finding what it is that they needed, to be more than just another misfit.

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