Batwoman “Through the Looking-Glass” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Batwoman “Off With Her Head”! How do you top what we got last week? That was one of the best episodes we have gotten yet, and surprisingly it was one which involved Alice instead of anyone else. Some might find that troubling right now, but honestly I’m just glad that they know how to focus on one character and flesh them out fully.

The immediate changes we saw from this development was how killing Cartwright affected Kate. This was a big moment for her, mainly because the Kate we know from the comics has no problem killing someone. For this CW series they have clearly went down the path of Batwoman trying to be more like Batman. In other words, following his rules. The main one being not to take a life. This Kate is different when this is not only a version of her who is opposed to killing, this is also the first experience she has had where she has taken a life. How do you cope with that? They could have approached this from a lot of ways, though I was impressed with the direction they took to address what happens when you cross that line and see what you could become.

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It probably didn’t help that Alice was there with her every step of the way, but who could argue with some quality time that these two were sharing without the shenanigans? I was impressed with how this situation didn’t excuse Alice of anything she has done to this point. Instead it put her in a better position to challenge what everyone else has done in contrast to her. Everyone there has killed whether for the right reasons, or for wrong. She only had the higher ground of accepting what she does without remorse.

When it came to this special task Alice sought her sister’s help with, that was a bold one right there. On one hand it obviously had to be something pretty extreme that she would need the help of someone capable. On the other hand it had to be something she had to be very convincing to get help with, because you know that anything involving Alice is going lead to some rules broken. Either way, where this took the two sisters was action-packed. We’ve been missing that for a couple of weeks now, so that was definitely worth the wait despite the fact that we haven’t really been seeing too much of Kate as Batwoman in action. With that said, it was easy to figure out that the special task was helping to retrieve Mouse before anyone else gets to him first. When all was said and done, the biggest question we were left with was how different things can really be with Alice’s family now understanding what turned her into what she is now. The answer to that was crushing, but there was only one way this could have ended between them either way.

While the last time we saw Sophie left mixed feelings about her storyline, it was good to see her again with a returned sense of purpose. Her character is at her best when she is on the front line and doing the things which no one else can. This time around it was following leads to a case which could cause a lot of trouble for the Crowes if not handled right. This led Sophie to a major discovery, as well as crossing paths with someone who you didn’t think you would see again so soon.

As the time came for Luke to get this upsetting news, we all knew what form this would take, but we could have never predicted where this would lead. It was heartbreaking that they would surface all the feelings he had of loss and grief. The worst feeling in the world is when someone has wronged you and roaming free. They unlocked a chilling side to Luke for the confidence this brought out in him that isn’t usual for this version of him. I mean, nothing about this version of Luke has truly been usual. Not the soldier, boxer, or son with a father who was still alive in the comics. They flipped the script on a lot that is known about his character history. Though credit where it is due that they have accomplished this in a way that keeps you guessing about what they are going to do next about him. Especially now that there is much more to the death of Lucius Fox than what has been seen on the surface.

There was a lot of things happening in this episode of Batwoman. Initially it did seem that hey were doing too much in a short amount of time, though it was brilliant how everything began to connect by the end. “Through the Looking-Glass” turned out to be another emotional episode, but embraced a bit more plot progression in the process.

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