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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Wonder Comics’ Amethyst #2! It took me a second to figure out why I was so drawn to this book at first, and then it hit me. The first issue reminded me of everything I loved about a certain storyline from The Magicians. One involving one High King Margo trying to reclaim her Kingdom after some time away. The only difference of course being that her Kingdom wasn’t suddenly devoid of its subjects and torn to pieces. Amethyst grabs your attention because she knows who she is, what she’s responsible for, and is determined not to fail in fixing this tragedy.

Now for those of us who were fairly new to this book, it really helped that Reeder started this chapter on the right note taking us back to the time where Amethyst was just discovering her true origins. Sometimes it’s not enough to just know these things, you have to see it for yourself to genuinely understand things from Amethyst’s perspective. Her drive to be the best leader she could be, the grief in knowing what she can never experience with her real parents, not to mention the happiness she found in a sense of purpose you never expect to receive when you’re only thirteen. While this was great for those of us new to the character, it was also just as important for everyone as a whole who needed to fully grasp the emotional weight to what has happened to Amethyst’s kingdom.

From there we jumped right into the next destination for Amethyst. That next part was crushing if not only because it’s not easy to see this girl betrayed by everything she thought was supposed to be welcoming about these other kingdoms. Again, it was one thing knowing that the kingdom closest to her would turn their back on her, but it was another thing to see how much worse it could be for the kingdoms that weren’t. It made you wonder that much more what could have happened during the time that she was gone for everything to go so wrong with these people.

Throughout this stretch of Amethyst’s adventure with Phoss, it was actually enjoyable to see how they fought through these obstacles which aimed to hold them back. You have Amethyst who is fairly serious about this mission, and then you have Phoss who seems to just be in the moment. Their so different from one another, and yet create moments of entertainment because so far this has been the very definition of winging it.

Now on the cover of this issue, they do not mince words with what we were to expect from this chapter. That Princess Amethyst would find out what happened to her Kingdom, and it may be too much for her to handle. I found myself very anxious to reach this point in the story because at the end of the day she is still just a kid. This is already a lot of responsibility to drop on her lap. When this discovery reached her? You could feel the pain in Amethyst knowing exactly what she is now up against. Is she prepared for what comes next? Is determination and grit enough to face an old enemy? I felt that after this, they had my full attention.

Like the first issue, the interior work was still astounding for so much that is wondrous about Gem World. The people, settings, creatures, the magic itself, all of these things are very unique for the way that Reeder breathes life into them. How she even draws these characters so expressive works wonders towards capturing the youthfulness of the story. Neither Amethyst or Phoss were prepared for what they would get themselves into, and that was consistently written all over their faces. Playing with the layouts also made a big difference in making every flip of the page as adventurous as the story. When your power stems from gems, why not use them in the way that the imagery is presented? It was intriguing how moving from panel to panel was as easy as Amethyst walking from one crystal into the next. Also it did not hurt shaking things up with overlapping panels in general. At the right times this added to the intensity of certain scenes.

Credit where it is due that this is a book which knows how to deliver. So far this has been an adventure full of emotion, discovery, and even a bit of fun along the way. Certainly an experience you are going to get anywhere else in the DC Universe. Amethyst #2 was satisfying for everything we had to look forward to from it, and how it all further added to the investment we have in the stakes which have now been raised.

Amethyst #2




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