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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Quantum & Woody #3! Where will Woody take them this time! Big question each time when Woody is clearly up to no good as usual, but where is this all going? A ploy to get back into the spotlight? Though it is worth the risk in betraying the trust of his brother once more? Either way we do know that we are in store for another fun destination when nothing is straightforward dealing with this guy.

Speaking of things straightforward, we were definitely in store for another treat this month when the next destination turns out to be Quantum and Woody are back in high school. Yikes! Could you really imagine these two in a school setting? The good thing is you don’t have to since this issue creates that imagine for you! From the start of the issue they were quick to setting up the reason why the school would be the next place to be in order to save the day. That as well as the most recent prophecy to point them in the right direction. With that said, this is also the third issue out of four for this new mini. Meaning that some things are going to have to come to the surface. I’m glad they started with the secret to Woody’s prophecies. It was a full reveal we got, but got enough to see for ourselves that Woody was full of crap. The scene itself was entertaining because we saw exactly what comes to mind when you think of the process Woody goes through when he put son these psychic displays.

Regardless, this wasn’t going to stop the pair from going to that high school.While up to their normal shenanigans, this time around I certainly felt caught off guard. If you were expecting the kind of chaos to ensue like the first two jobs they took on? This time around you may be surprised by how clean this turned out. This isn’t to say there wasn’t some brief action, but somehow you would be surprised by how tame this ended up being which is a word you wouldn’t usually use when it comes to Quantum & Woody.

Like the first two issues, I still admire the effort towards fleshing out Eric and Woody. They could have quite easily spent the time doing flashbacks like most others. They could have even just done that one reintroduction that most of these books get at the start of the first issue. However, this creative team keeps it consistent giving us a little at a time each issue. You see a bit of their past as kids, their origin becoming “heroes”, and more recent events which should influence what the future has in store for them. Its hard not to have a decent grasp of who they are when all is said and done. More than this, I also admire the effort towards finally putting Eric through some training. Even as the worst superheroes, at some point they do have to attempt getting serious about unlocking the full potential of their powers.

For this issue in particular I was impressed by the work of Ryan Browne. Maybe it was because this situation was more controlled than the others, but his pencil were was admirable for the clarity in everything he drew. Clean strokes when drawing the characters, excellent use of perspective too. Considering this issue was also more character driven than the other two, it made a big difference getting more interaction from the way that Eric emotionally responded to Woody’s antics. With that said, the colors were consistently great. Bold, and really set the atmosphere for this chapter through the use of supernatural greens. Aside from that, the lettering really stood out this time around. Hassan Otsmane does a lot with distinct voices in this story, and you have to recognize when a letterer goes to such lengths to make every conversation above expectation between colors, shapes, and fonts.

Overall, Quantum & Woody #3 was another entertaining issue for what is the second to last issue of this mini. Ground was covered in this issue breaking down the fraud that is Wood’s premonitions, creating progress for Eric, and in general bettering our understanding of this duo at their core.

Quantum & Woody #3




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