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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about X-Men #9! Leave it to the New Mutants right now to bring a little trouble with them. One does not simply go to space for the first time to have an adventure and not ruffle some feathers along the way. If only this didn’t take the form of attracting the attention of the Brood. Though it did! And now again we have the thrilling mutant experience of dealing with the waves of monsters which have now been unleashed upon them. As I said before, this creative team went big for what madness the New Mutants dropped on Krakoa’s doorstep.

With this chapter, everything started to make sense about this situation. From the minute it was known that the cause of this madness was because the New Mutants came home with the wrong souvenir, there had to be more to this than what we were seeing on the surface. From the first page, this creative team jumped right into what truly set this in motion. I mean, I had many questions when this story kicked off, and the first one was when a King Egg was ever a thing. Surely some of us were left wondering if we had missed something in the past. It was good to know that there was a story to this, and one which led to a bigger picture that no one else could have guessed without a proper explanation.

When it came to this issue, there was also no better time than now to address what makes this King Egg so important for the Brood to have. Was this a rare birth which is only occurring now? Is it natural for a Brood Queen to require a King? Is there actually a threat to the King Egg? All these answers and much more were answered. It was satisfying to see a mass of Brood on this scale and give the X-Men that much of a hard time, even with assistance to fight back. From start to finish they just kept cranking the intensity, leaving us with little room to imagine how the mutants were going to get out of this one. Death is meaningless, but even then the worst was allowing the Brood to have anything they want.

How this concluded was clever because there was only one possible solution for the problem, and yet the stakes were so high at a point that it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That aside, I still enjoyed the humor they managed to throw in there with Sunspot, The Starjammers, and the Imperial Guard. This was a dire situation that the Starjammers were caught in, but you couldn’t deny the humor in what they technically got themselves into. Especially when their rescue was not going to be as expected. Some might say that this wasn’t the time for jokes, but I couldn’t deny the entertainment in some just indulging in what they do best in the moment.

If there was one thing that some might have a mixed response to, it will be the fact that Leinil Francis Yu is back to doing pencils. Now again I will say that he is not a bad artist. Personally I do not have a problem with what he brings to the story artistically, though at the same time I can see where readers do tend to want more life put into their characters. Yu tends to put everything else above that. Amazing detail in his renderings, doesn’t cut corners in creating the scenery, and can do hell of a lot in a single panel. What you can’t take from him is that you need pencilers who can handle the massive amount of work that has to be put into creating a believably intimidating army of Brood. I mean that last panel itself was simply chilling because in that moment you could truly take in the scale of their breeding. That said, amazing colors from Sunny Gho too. It takes just as much patience and work to color every detail of scenes like this. Not to mention handle so many objects of the same color and none of them fall flat. The colors in particular made every action and scene pop.

This was an exhilarating issue of X-Men from start to finish. This creative team brought their A-game in X-Men #9 when it came to the reveal of what makes the King Egg so important, so dangerous, and why it was so important to keep this out of the hands of the Brood Queens.

X-Men #9




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