My Hero Academia “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about My Hero Academia episode 87, or in other words “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart”. The School Festival story was a better turnout than any of us could have thought. I’m sure that even seeing it done in anime was a different experience from following the story to the end in the manga. Reaching the end of the season, it did make you wonder how they planned on proceeding from there.

Before moving into the next thing, of course there was still some things to wrap up after Class 1-A’s performance. It mattered to see what the long-term plans were for helping Eri. As they say, you gotta protect that smile! It wasn’t that long of a scene, but it got to the point of the good that has come from exposing Eri to a positive environment. From there it was worthwhile seeing some old faces turn up at the dorm. I’m glad that after everything the Pussycats went through back then, we could see how they moved forward. Nothing good ever comes from letting characters like them so quickly fade to the back.

The big thing this week was the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart. After everything else we have seen from this world, there was no better time than now to finally get into what it looks like during this time of the year when the pro heroes are given their new rankings to reflect their efforts. Maybe it was because it wouldn’t have meant too much during a time where everything was about All Might, but this was always something that really would have went a long way towards a better understanding of how the hero community works. Either way, better late than never! I appreciated what this offered us when this was our opportunity to see who best represents the hero community currently when so much has changed about the landscape.

The focus of the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart was the best takeaway from the episode. Two pros who we don’t get to see nearly enough of were finally given the spotlight. Off the bat, it was awesome that we were given so much room to get a proper introduction to Hawks and what makes him stand out from others. I mean, for someone who has been in the top 3 for so long, it was a crime that he was never actually around when crap hit the fan. This was a good first step taken towards remedying that problem. We walked away with a solid grasp on the kind of work he does, how the people receive him, and the kind of work he does which makes sense of where he tends to be. That said, the other pro they focus on was Endeavor. This is a crucial moment in his career when he is at last working on the kind of hero he needs to be for the world. This is a time where a new icon is in demand, and he is the guy who needs to be the kind of icon the world needs when things are getting rough. The kind of hero he decides to be was fitting. It’s not the time where talking gets the job done, or the pageantry. It’s a time where getting the job done is getting the job done.

What most of us will appreciate from this episode is the fact that we are also moving back into the problem that is the Nomu. It goes without saying that we went a good long while without anyone digging up the mystery behind these creatures which was never fully addressed. We know from appearances that there is a chance these creatures were regular people experimented on, but aside from that we know nothing more that is actually concrete. This was perfect timing if you ask me. When you ask what the worst thing is that these heroes can deal with at a time like this? The answer is going to be Nomu. Just one of these things can be a force to be reckoned with, so imagine what we are going to see when those which came before aren’t the worst of these creations?

By the end of the episode, they definitely leave us wanting more because clearly that battle with Gentle Criminal was not going to be the last of the action we saw from this season.

My Hero Academia “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” wasted no time taking us into the next big thing. World-building has always been one of the best things that this series has going for it. That did not disappoint between the exploration of the pro hero ranking reveals, and the kind of danger which comes from taking this long to act on the mystery that is the Nomu.

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