The Magicians Series Finale “Fillory and Further” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the series finale of The Magicians. After the exciting musical and heist episode that was last week’s, this brings us to the end of it all. Honestly? The minute it clicked for me that this was leading to the creation of a new world using the World Seed? It always did feel like this could have been the end if they allowed it to be. Considering that I never really read the book, I was very anxious to see how the process of creating this new world played out.

From the start of this final episode, things moved fast as everything came down to putting everyone where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, to do exactly what they needed to do. This part I enjoyed off the bat because it shows growth on everyone’s part that they can get to a point where there is nothing in front of them but the bigger picture. Nothing is perfect for any of these characters, but they all know when some things are more important than their own problems. That is why the episodes leading up to this finale were also spent perfectly to get these magicians where they needed to be in order to be the heroes they know they can be. One of the first things they had to do could have been the easiest task, and yet a decision on the part of one of them already kicked up the urgency in this last stretch of the quest. It actually left me feeling very emotional early on since it was not expected that any one of them would have gone into this so ready for a one-way trip.

THE MAGICIANS — “Fillory and Further” Episode 513 — Pictured: (l-r) Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi, Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker, Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice Quinn, Trevor Einhorn as Josh Hoberman, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

The steps which followed from there all hit hard too when it only took that one moment to remind us all that something this big is not going to come without danger. Whether it was what they needed to do in the Library, on Fillory, or even on Earth, there was not one moment where it did not feel like the worst was just waiting right around the corner. Now with that said, let me not just talk about the quest itself. Let’s talk about the last bit of growth that some of these characters went through along the way. I was impressed that they really found time to do this in the middle of the quest. It mattered that Alice was given that final push to understand what makes her an amazing magician, that someone like Zelda was able to give her all to something that is everything to her, that Eliot could pull himself together to a point where other people mattered again. All this progress was pivotal in the end towards them as a whole pulling off what they would not have been able to handle at the start of this season.

Even with the scene where they needed to create the new Fillory, credit where it is due that even then they did not let up on the importance which Fenn played in all of this. This wasn’t the time where everything came down to what the magicians wanted or needed. This was her home, which meant that it was her time to step up and make some decisions about how that world was going to look. Of course they weren’t going to go through with this scene without Fenn falling to some of her usual quirkiness, but my heart melted when you could see the way that this masks her vulnerability. In some way we’re all like that when we aren’t feeling too confident in the words we speak or the thoughts we think.

THE MAGICIANS — “Fillory and Further” Episode 513 — Pictured: Brittany Curran as Fen — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

Of course with this being a race against time, there had to be something which made all of this easier said than done. That turned into one hell of a twist which hit the magicians. It was nothing that any one of us could have predicted because they led us to believe one thing, and one thing only about what we should have braced for from the Dark King. It was also a nice nod to the fact that nothing is truly done with when it comes to evils which exist in this universe. This twist they were hit with made Sebastian seem so small as an obstacle. Which I should say is an accomplishment to pull off in such a short amount of time.

It was definitely interesting to have everyone else trying to save the world while Julia and Penny worried about the baby that was obviously going to be born during this time. I mean after how many episodes, when else where they going to drop this moment on their laps? With that said, it was a wonderful scene for the beauty that comes with childbirth, and the chills for what was going to have to happen in order to avoid what happened to Penny’s mother. The solution they found was easy to figure that they would land on, but all the same it was endearing because this was the one thing we knew that was going to happen in this finale that wasn’t going to be twisted into something dark.

THE MAGICIANS — “Fillory and Further” Episode 513 — Pictured: Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice Quinn — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

When it came to the very end of the finale, the big thing was whether or not we would get a satisfying end. As we knew before going into this series finale, the writers had automatically drew up this episode to feel as though it could have been the end. That was actually wise on their part when some other shows would not plan for that kind of possibility to hit them. I loved that at the very end they didn’t leave anything definite. It was open-ended enough for us to imagine what comes next ourselves. Anything could happen to any one of these characters passed the point where the finale ends, and the magic is in the fact that the future is what they make of it.

There will never be another show like The Magicians, and personally I am thankful for the opportunity that these creatives gave us to share in this experience for five seasons. As a Syfy series these days, that is quite the accomplishment. Especially for one which hits so close to home through a story you can relate to, and made memorable through so many unique and fantastical elements for the genre. Could we have gotten another season if viewers didn’t cry too much about losing one character? Possibly. However, as I said above, The Magicians series finale ended on a satisfying note which leaves everything up to our imagination. That is a powerful tool to leave in our hands when just about anything can and could have happened next for these magicians.

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