DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Season Two Premiere “New Gotham” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the season two premiere of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn! I know there are some people still surprised that so soon we would already be getting the premiere of Harley Quinn season two. Though do you really want to wait that long for more after the success that the first season turned out to be? I didn’t think so either. Especially at a time like this where most of us are stuck on lockdown and looking for new things to watch, while other shows have been put on hiatus.

After the season one finale, things are not the same for the city of Gotham. No punches were pulled showing us what it looks like when Gotham goes to the wolves. All that was left was fire and destruction. Though what rose from the ashes of that? We got a good idea of what the city is going to begin to look like when other major villains look to seize control of their respective territories, but what does that mean for one Harley Quinn who clearly still has to fight for her own piece of the pie? That is what we were here for! As well as seeing that none of the humor runs dry. Fortunately for us, from the start of this season premiere we were thrown right into the fire. Not at the same level of violence that we saw in the first episode of the first season, but still brilliantly violent. You would think that you have seen everything that can be done to the human body, and then they would show you once again that you have seen nothing yet!

From the start we also got to be in the moment as Gotham fell apart around everyone. One would have assumed that we would quickly jump right into a Gotham that was already split up into territories, though we all had the pleasure of seeing all of that unfold before our eyes. Not a bad way to spend the first episode since you would want to see what it looks like when someone like Harley fights back against that feeling of being caged. She just freed herself from that kind of experience with the Joker. So it was hard to imagine that she would allow the city to fall prey to the same brand of villains trying to fill the vacuum.

While this resistance against Harley’s anarchy took the form of an Injustice League, it was awesome that they would start with a confrontation between Harley and Penguin. As we all know, these two have some history. In most cases it has been Harley who wronged the Penguin alongside Joker. This was a great time to see some of that history between them brought to the show when neither are the kind to take it easy on the other. I mean, it was one thing to see Harley bite off his nose in a clip, and another thing entirely to see the full scene play out from start to finish. THAT was not at all what you expected to see in a show like this. Or maybe it was, but either way you had to love the fact that there really is no line they won’t cross.

Now in terms of personal growth, I didn’t really mind that Harley herself still had some ways to go after everything she accomplished up to this point. The fact alone that the city would be carved up and she have to fight to tear down this new system said enough about her lack of ambition. Not to mention lack of vision towards a world where she genuinely took advantage of what was right in front of her. Apparently she still needed one more wake-up call, and this was handled very well. When you have someone who can become as delusional as Harley? You have to take off the gloves when giving her a reason to open her eyes.

The humor surprisingly did not run dry either. I had my worries of course because there are some things you just can’t get too comfortable with. We all loved some of the running jokes from the first season, but now was the time to see that a show like this can have longevity if it comes down to creativity. The good thing about changing the landscape is that this opened all characters up to shenanigans they wouldn’t have gotten into before. There was a new world around them to make light of whether it was directing that humor at each other, the state of things being run, or the kind of injustice they could now dish out.

There was a lot more of Gordon that we aren’t used to seeing in any one episode too. I couldn’t argue with this because everything about the role he played here was downright hilarious. Right now there is no limit to how ridiculous things can get for the guy. We’re all so used to Gordon being as stiff as Batman, but this version of him is always unhinged and determined to a fault. I died a bit inside seeing the guy fight against everything that challenged his authority.

All in all, the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn season two premiere “New Gotham” did not miss a beat. Same sense of humor, same brand of violence, but a whole new frontier to not only explore, but also tear down! This is going to be Harley Quinn like we’ve never seen her before, and it should be a thrill to see how she takes down these villains who should on a good day wipe the floor with her.

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