My Hero Academia Season Finale “His Start” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the My Hero Academia episode 88, or in other words the season four finale “His Start”. I gotta say, I was not prepared for this to be it for the fourth season. This was an amazing season for everything this turned out to be. There was action, character development, amazing character focus as well. We walked away with so much exploration of this world that constantly challenges what it means to be a hero. Only the fools will tell you it wasn’t enough, because they only understand action above all else. That’s not My Hero Academia. Never was.

After last week’s episode gave us an exploration of the pro-hero ranking reveals, I looked forward to what this week would offer when “His Start” could only mean that they were at last ready to get in-depth with Endeavor. Though at the same time this was a finale to be anxious for when the main event is Endeavor vs High-End Nomu. First let’s talk about this High-End Nomu. I was amazed by how dangerous this breed of the monster was. You would think that it got no worse than the one which All-Might had to fight in the past, and then you would be wrong after being introduced to this one. This Nomu who can heal faster than the others, use perception, not to mention actually speak. That was a dangerous combination and one hell of a way to push Endeavor to his limits.

Speaking of limits, what made Endeavor vs High-End Nomu so thrilling was the fact that this was our opportunity to see everything which Endeavor and Hawks could do in action. If there was one thing we knew already about Endeavor, it was that the guy packed some massive firepower. Though you could not have prepared for how much firepower that actually was. Not even the more resourceful things he could do with that fire which was impressive for the level of control demanded. The effect of it all was amazing too. Just when you thought the fire and explosive effects couldn’t get any better when Shoto and Bakugo peaked, Endeavor proved that they could always go bigger. With that said, you could also appreciate seeing a lot of what Hawks is capable of. They wasted no time showing the basic use of his powers, where he thrives as a hero in the field, and how his power can be a heck of a support to others who are more suited for battle.

Aside from just seeing his powers in action, we got just enough about his character and personality too. It went a long way to run into someone as level-headed as him and see his perspective of Endeavor. He recognized the flaws, but he also did not fail to see where Endeavor was the kind of hero the world needs right now. That some others were able to as well didn’t hurt either. This was genuinely Endeavor’s start because everyone was now seeing the potential of someone who actually wants to be fitting of being the symbol which the number one hero spot represents.

Now I’m not going to lie, this fight almost brought a tear to my eyes. For even a guy like Endeavor we were put into a position where it was impossible not to feel something. Yeah, the message was sent that he was a horrible father, and a horrible person in general in his desperate need to surpass All Might. However, this does not change the fact that everyone deserves a second chance. For Endeavor, it will always be easier said than done when he messed with his own family’s lives, but in these moments he is fighting with everything on the line to make-up for it. That has to count for something, right?

It also made a big difference to finally see more of his family. The mother who is still going through recovery after everything she was put through. The siblings who struggle forgiving a childhood which was taken away from them. It mattered seeing things from their perspective. And it even helped more that each of them had their own way to seeing things. There was room for the anger, though that did not take from a sense of understanding towards someone who is trying to do right in his own way. For Shoto in particular this was a huge moment when it is one thing to be told by your father that he wants to make you proud, and another thing to actually see those words backed up.

As the season four finale for My Hero Academia, “His Start” really got the blood pumping. Obviously this was not going to be the end for Endeavor, but this was a close battle which made it hard not sitting there thinking of the worst case scenario. I was at the edge of my seat because this was one of those battles where going plus ultra was brutal. Aside from this, the best takeaway was better getting to know the number one hero, the number two hero, and the rest of the Todoroki family.

Now as with most season finales, there is always a bit of set-up for what we should expect in the next season. They did not disappoint this time either when the next step will be exploring the further potential for One For All. About time if you ask me! Especially when you can be someone who only watches the anime, and readers are getting a bit talkative about that has in store for us.

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