Black Clover “The Devil Megicula” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 129, “The Devil Megicula”! With last week’s episode past, Black Clover has now become a show I anxiously await weekly. Not a bad feeling, because as I said before, this series is worth it for the way that majority episodes deliver. Already we are jumping into the Heart Kingdom and seeing that the trouble was simply going to come to them. Never a dull day in the life of a Black Bull.

If there was one thing which caught me off guard this week, it was the transition between “To the Heart Kingdom!” and “The Devil Megicula”. I think we were all prepared for a huge fight to break loose. I mean, why not? Black Clover has done very well throwing these magic knights right into the next big conflict, why would this be any different? Well I’m glad to say that it was. It’s a great feeling to be kept on your toes. Especially when this is new territory we are stepping in. Once more they proved to us that story development is just as important as the action. I couldn’t argue to there being a reason for the rough welcome that Asta and company received. Of course those who read the manga knew where this was going, but for the rest of us it was a surprise to know that this meeting with the Queen was going to lead to a bigger development. They wasted no time making it known that the end game is Megicula, not a pointless fight with another Kingdom.

It was only after the action passed that we were able to get a genuine introduction to the Queen of the Heart Kingdom. As such, this needed to be someone who could blow our minds as much as Julius. That did not disappoint one bit either. We already knew ahead of time that the Queen had enough magic power to run the whole Kingdom herself, but there is something more to take from being able to see how. It was just as much of a jaw-dropping moment as when we saw Julius’ grimoire for the first time. From there, it was sweet seeing that her personality was also something to admire. She is a strong contrast from the sickening feeling you get whenever the Clover Kingdom’s king pops up demanding that everyone gives a damn about his worth.

Aside from this, what made Lolopechka special was how like Yuno, she also has a spirit who can actively communicate with others. Her presence itself is hard to ignore, though her mannerisms are something to admire for where she acts as Lolopechka’s better half. Undine I will admit is much better than Sylph who does actually spend too much time being playful than actually helping. Not only this, she is the first one who calls the bond a contract too. This doesn’t take away from her connection to Lolopechka, but it does add to the necessity in protecting.

While this week didn’t answer any questions about Megicula and what he did to Noelle’s mother, it was still a good episode for establishing the version of Noelle that we are going to be dealing with in this arc. Obviously this was not going to be an episode where she takes revenge, but it certainly is the episode where she devotes herself towards it. She has a new reason for getting stronger, and right now the sky is the limit for someone like her who is now capable of so much more with the addition of her Valkyrie Armor spell.

It does go without saying that there was a big takeaway for fans of Asta and Nero. They could have been given any power level from the Queen and Gadjah, but what they were actually classified as was pretty cool. Particularly for Nero who always needs that confidence boost in understanding what makes her magic special.

One thing which did keep me guessing was what Vanessa, Magna, and Luck were doing in the Diamond Kingdom. It was a short scene, but all the same worth the time for the stakes they set in dealing with the Devil threat. It was one thing to know that the Spade Kingdom was dangerous, it was another thing entirely to see that for yourself. Especially from the one Black Bull who usually would have no problem springing into action against someone powerful. This mage of the Spade Kingdom, which harbors the “power of the devil” is still very much a mystery, but at the end of the day also sets the bar for the power that these knights need to reach.

Black Clover did indeed have a new OP and ED in this episode. OP 11 was “Stories” by Snow Man and ED 11 was “Answer” by Kaf. At the end of his episode I could see why there was a lot of hype in Japan for it because of Snow Man performing the new OP. My favorite will always be “Guess Who is Back”, but this one was good too. Very fitting with a better understanding of the plot for this arc.

I truly appreciated an episode like “The Devil Megicula” because it took advantage of where Black Clover is strongest. That being progression, and pacing. This chapter could have turned into a lot of things, but it only made sense that they were setting up for something much bigger than what was seen on the surface. As strong as the Black Bulls and our favorite magic knights have become, this is that cherished moment in any anime that we look forward to most. How will they all improve? That is something to keep us all invested in this next stretch of episodes!

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