Digimon Adventure “War Game” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the second episode of Digimon Adventure! Like I said last week, if anyone had their reservations about the reboot? I would say that the Digimon Adventure premiere should have put a lot of our worries to ease. Mine was, because I understood that this was not going to be the same adventure, and so far it has not been. I wanted to see how much more they could do with this series with twenty years to rethink the approach they took to the series originally.

Where you have to give credit to this reboot is how they aren’t trying to waste our time with things we are familiar with. In other words, they cut through all the introductory things that would have seemed like a rehash from the original series. This I didn’t have a problem with one bit. I would have been a bit bored if it was the usual thing where they all got transported to the Digital World and started off facing against those basic Digimon. This time around they jumped right into something huge which put the fate of the world at stake. I was actually impressed that they decided to go with the Virus Digimon threat and put a new spin on it. They affected the world in different ways, the clock they raced against had a much smaller window, the forms that the main virus took were even forms we never saw before. Overall it felt like they were trying to meet us halfway to give old fans something fresh to look forward to, while at the same time making sure that new viewers find their attention grabbed quickly.

Where things got better this week was the fact that so quickly the second episode hits the ground running with the urgency to this situation. This was never something we experienced from the original series. The world was never at stake until the very last arc for the series. So once more I appreciated that there is more of a consistency to seeing how the material world is supposed to be affected by evil Digimon. Especially when that point came when the Argomon got strong enough to manipulate something that was going to put more lives at stake than those who would have been hurt by the trains crashing.

Everything about this first arc is pretty much unfolding just like the movie. At least the part where they are within the internet, with a twist obviously. How they have used this storyline works since they are taking the best parts of it. Argomon is dangerous because it’s intentions are unpredictable. You don’t know how it will attack, digivolve to keep up the fight, or how it will try to attack the outside world. The best way to keep everyone on their toes if you ask me!

This second episode also gave us our proper introduction to Yamato (Matt). For a lot of things we should have expected to be different, his characterization was the only thing which wasn’t too much of a surprise. Yamato is the kind of kid who likes to work alone, and catches an attitude when someone steps into his personal space. The saving grace for a character like him was that they didn’t allow this attitude to carry on longer than need be. It was always detrimental to the story progression, and there was no reason to get into that so early in the reboot. So with that said, this time around Yamato was a bit more enjoyable fr the bravery he showed when springing into action and being the guy to come up with a plan which got them out of quite the corner they were backed into. Aside from this, the best thing he had going for him was also not being so rude to Garurumon.

Once more the action was exciting because this was just a regular battle. Of course a couple of times you will hear an attack before it is set off, but aside from that there was actual fighting and motion from Greymon and Garurumon. They didn’t fail to show off the strength of Greymon, or the ability and speed of Garurumon. How they even used their attacks was pretty cool for the fact that they were actually working with a plan rather than relying on blind persistence.

The only thing which shocked me was how all of this led to the combining of the two to create Omegamon. Most of us are used to this happening when they have at least reached their mega forms. So it was definitely bold that they went with that kind of transformation in the second episode.

While the original Digimon Adventure will always have a place in my heart, right now I have to say that the reboot is winning me over at a faster pace. “War Game” met us with momentum, big stakes, great action, and the same amount of heart you love that is poured into every scene. I can’t wait to see what comes next with Taichi and Yamato are working together on the same page, and already fighting with one of the strongest forms for their Digimon.

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