Black Clover “The New Magic Knights Squad Captains’ Meeting” Review

***Spoilers Below***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 130, “The New Magic Knights Squad Captains’ Meeting”! This was an episode I looked forward to because the next step was either going to be jumping right into what those next six months were going to be like, or take at least one more episode to build some hype for what comes next. So with that said, I’m glad that they decided to build more hype since a lot of changes are going to be coming that we should be very anxious for.

Off the bat, I enjoyed that even when things are getting serious again, there was still some room for entertainment and shenanigans. Before jumping into the Squad Captain meeting scene, they of course had to get through some things that are required of the knights. You would think that this would all be smooth sailing, but that would be too simple when you have the situation with Julius that they’re trying to dodge, a King who can’t help making a fool of himself, and Captains who don’t know too much about class.

Now considering this episode is titled “The New Magic Knights Squad Captains’ Meeting”, you would have actually thought that this would be an episode where they started shaking things up with some captains stepping down from their positions. However, that was not the case here. They took a different approach through giving the idea that we would be introduced to new captains. To me, this was no problem at all. Even after 130 episodes of Black Clover, it still feels like it would be too soon for us to move on from any one of these characters being captains. I liked that the intention was to light a new fire in them. They walked into the room the same captains they were after the war with the Elves and Devil, but they walked out with a new fire lit in them to do better. That was a much better takeaway than what this could have actually turned into.

I also found it smart that this time was also used to further address the aftereffects for those who were possessed by the Elves. Even if this situation was out of some of their hands, it didn’t change the fact that they all had a backseat to what was being done with their bodies. This was a great time to begin putting everyone at ease about what they believe is their fault, and what they need to do to reconcile with this properly.

Aside from this, it was just small things to fill up the episode, but at the end of the day they achieved the goal of this episode. Before this week’s episode, we knew what to expect from the Black Bulls. Their goal was to do whatever they wanted and had to do to get stronger. Though this was the chance to offer up a bigger perspective towards what the Magic Knights as a whole will be doing to up their levels. By the end of this episode we knew what the plan was going to be for everyone, and what we could maybe look forward to in the coming weeks. Now once more I should say that I haven’t read the manga. So I don’t know if this is going to be one of those things where they are preparing to do a time-skip. If not, then the anticipation definitely hit for what comes next.

Was an episode like this worth it in the end? Of course! Like I have said before, even with the calmer of episodes they manage to grab our attention. “The New Magic Knights Squad Captains’ Meeting” was no different because it was informative, created a plan for the future, and gave us all something to look forward to in turn.

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