DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Trapped” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Trapped”! Two villains down, and more to go! So far I have to say that I am impressed with this second season. In a short amount of time Harley and company have already found a way to turn this city on its head. Just like the first season, they have sent the message loud and clear that we should hold on to nothing. This is a series where you prepare yourself for anything to happen. Even when that includes the introduction of a hero you didn’t think they would find the time to create an origin for.

Now with this episode of Harley Quinn, surely enough some viewers out there might feel a bit let down. Not saying that this was me, but of course after the strong start of the first episode, and what came after, you can see that there might be some out there who might end up feeling some sort of way when this one is not more of the same. For me? This was not a problem at all. When I jump into a series like this, I expect that not everything is going to be off the wall between the chaos and action. At some point you have to make sure that there are some strides towards character development and substance to the story. This is not to say that trying to take down the Injustice League isn’t substance, but at the base it is just a gateway to many shenanigans.

Speaking of character development, I welcomed the idea that this episode was actually more for Ivy and Kite Man. Two characters who we quickly attached to for what they had to offer in contrast to everyone else. On one hand we really needed to see how things have changed for Ivy since the changes to Gotham, and on the other hand we in general needed to see what Kite Man was getting himself into on the side. Let’s start with Ivy. There was no way we could go through this season without addressing the elephant in the room that is Ivy’s purpose. It would have been a crime if she suddenly began ignoring what she fights for. This was the best time to put her in a position where she had to re-evaluate what she has accomplished for herself since helping Harley in this new capacity.

As for Kite Man, there was no wrong that they could do with this guy. Just him existing was a laugh because he just doesn’t belong in a setting where something serious is happening. For as invincible as he had seemed before as a running joke, this was that time for them to try something new. And they did successfully when giving us the opportunity to see just what kind of mettle he had when fighting for something important.

Where you can say that this episode was worthwhile was that like last week we got a memorable introduction for another comic book character. This time around it was Catwoman. What caught me off guard was the fact that they decided to go with a version who was more black. I couldn’t argue with this since her skin color has nothing to do with who this character is at the core. Whether it is Catwoman or Selena that we are dealing with, both have a commanding presence. They are the same person who will walk into a room knowing exactly what they want, and walk about with exactly that, in most cases with more. They nailed everything we needed to see from her between the personality and the dialogue which comes with the tendency of acting as a knife.

I didn’t expect that she would have more interactions with Ivy, but this worked when we needed to at some point see who she has connections with. Aside from this, the museum scene was great for the way it showcased Catwoman’s talents, and introduced us to the on the nose villain that is Dr. Trap. For a name that makes what he does so obvious, he did offer quite the variety of traps which tested Harley and company in some new ways.

Only one thing I did not expect, and that was what would come of Dr. Psycho trying to prove himself as a leader. As I have said before, the only strange thing about this villain is the fact that he is so powerful, and yet is written to get in his own way most of the time. While any other time it would have been baffling, this time around it was entertaining when pitting him against Riddler. Not too often do people take advantage of how clever Riddler is, and it was refreshing that this episode gave him that room to show that beyond the jokes he can genuinely be the smartest guy in the room.

All in all, DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Trapped” was a solid change of pace. This wasn’t the episode where Harley would take down another Injustice League member, but it was a fun episode for the work that villains like Harley would have to put in to stand a chance against some of the more dangerous members.

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