Digimon Adventure “And to the Digital World” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the third episode of Digimon Adventure! Now if you read my previous review. I should apologize that the title for that one was actually incorrect. Last week was “War Game”, and this one was “And to the Digital World”. Unfortunately there aren’t many good sources of information about these episodes, which astounds me when you should always strive to keep viewers up to date and in the know about the scheduling. That said, still there was excitement for what this episode had in store for us!

Some will say that this reboot of the series is moving alarmingly fast, however I would say that there is nothing wrong with moving with a faster pace. As I said before, the original Digimon Adventure will always have a place in my heart, though right now I have to say that the reboot is winning me over having a better momentum. Normally Digimon was a series where you had to have some serious patience to get anywhere good. So I’m glad that they are just jumping right into big threats and the kind of power that it will take to overcome them. One could argue that this will own the road take away the excitement from the moment where a form like Omegamon is actually needed, but there are plenty of other heavy-hitters which have yet to make an appearance. One fusion isn’t all that we have to look forward to from their arsenal. For all we know they have probably adjusted the power ratings for some of these Digimon too.

That said, of course at the start of this episode we would jump right back into the action because this has been a bold move that in only the second episode they would already make Omegamon a possibility. It was only now that I could feel that things may have been moving a bit fast. Though only because this was a pretty quick battle once Omegamon stepped into play. This isn’t to say that the action scene wasn’t spectacular, because it certainly was. I loved the fact that again they wasted little time with needing to say the name of the move before doing it or being repetitive about it. This was a straight-up confrontation that challenged what both Digimon could do on the spot. Their combat skills, agility, ability to think on their feet. All of these things were seen with a good sense of pacing.

What came after the battle was the interesting part. One would have assumed that immediately after this, they would all have begun to get thrown into the Digital World. Who would have guessed they would have thought to put more time into how this affected the real world? Not that I’m arguing either, because as I said before, it goes a long way for these kids to understand what they are fighting for. What happens on the other side does effect everything that is connected to the network, and at the end of the day it always should. That is going to be a key component in tying this story to a modern world that we can believe is 2020.

While it took till the end of the episode for the “And to the Digital World” part of it to actually come, it was still worth the wait. That first scene in the Digital World was a stunning sight in comparison to what that scene looked like in the original series. When they dropped in, it was just looked like any other beach you might wash up on. However, our first look at the Digital World here was more unique. More distinctive structures, and more creative looking Digimon roaming around as well. That aside, one of the biggest changes we got out of this episode was the way that these kids entered the Digital World. They could have easily stuck to the script and done this at the camp, but that would have been too predictable. I enjoyed that they took that extra step to make the camping trip just another thing. Their reason in making that first trip had more meaning to it because they knew why they were going there. At least when it came to Tai and Izumi. That is a big improvement than just throwing everyone into the unknown, which at this point in time is a huge cliche.

Digimon Adventure “And to the Digital World” will probably leave some viewers with mixed feelings over certain things like the pacing, but there was a deeper appreciation to take from the liberties they have taken to update this story overall. So far this is re-imagining done very well when everything is taken from a new angle. You can know something is about to happen, though the key is to keep you on your toes when it comes to the how.

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