Gleipnir “Elena” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir! So far this anime series has caught me off guard. I love it, but then I look around and see some people who don’t really feel the same. Gleipnir is chilling, the animation is outstanding, and it really does hit you in your feels. I don’t know what more you could want from it in two episodes because it hasn’t even been challenging to understand the plot either. For me, I felt the need to want more. To dive deeper into this mystery knowing what world we have now stepped into.

One of the big things for this episode was seeing where Shuichi and Clair would go next after what they just experienced. It was one thing for the two to have their first run-in with a malicious monster, but it was another thing entirely for them to take on the challenge and actually take a life in the end.  How you do really move forward from that and focus on looking for someone who could easily be the same? That was what I really looked forward to this week. Especially when you are introduced to a main character like Shuichi whose heart isn’t cold enough for the world he just stepped into. Normally this would turn into something very problematic because in turn the main character becomes too loud, frantic, and in the way. When you’ve seen one character like that? You have seen them all. So I was surprised to see that by the end of this episode, they did find some way of breaking him in without going too far off the rails. At least not yet that is.

Now what I wasn’t prepared for? Was how quickly this episode would jump right into tackling the mystery of Clair’s sister. I mean, that girl with the black hair that we saw in the OP for Gleipnir, and the end of the previous episode? Who would have guessed that this was actually Clair’s sister? Some might look at this development and think that it came too soon. That maybe this killed a lot of build-up that could have kept interest alive for the series and the episodes down the road. To be honest, I couldn’t help thinking that myself. It’s hard not to when just like that they already had an idea for tracking down Elena, and motivation to get results.

With that said, this still doesn’t take from the moment itself. If this was going to be the episode where they both find and confront Elena, then this was also going to be the episode where we figure out the kind of person we are actually dealing with. Initially we would have thought that this was a bright girl who simply got dealt the wrong hand. Yet reveal after reveal we see that nothing was as it seemed on the surface. This was a girl who was clearly disturbed enough to turn someone else into a monster, and enough so that it was obvious that there would be a problem running into one Shuichi who has a passenger riding him. The problem of course being that it is not Elena inside of him.

Beyond this, it did not hurt that more time was spent trying to flesh out Clair as a main character as well. This is a character who they would have to put the effort in when her personality is not one that we as the viewers would click with immediately. I know I didn’t think she would be a character I liked, but at a point I came to understand where her personality and drive were the result of something she experienced. Sometimes you can’t help what a circumstance turns you into.

So, Gleipnir “Elena” regardless of what progress was made towards the plot and story, will leave some of the viewers with conflicting opinions over what happened here. You were ready for the real work to begin, but you could not have braced yourself for answers to have come this soon. That said, one answer can only create more questions. That is what a good mystery does, and so far I think they are nailing that approach for Gleipnir. Next week should be another episode to anticipate if we are going to get anything like what happened when Shuichi and Clair took on Hikawa.

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