Black Clover “A New Resolve” Review

***Spoilers Below***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 131, “A New Resolve”! It looks like the start is now for everyone to begin on their journeys toward becoming stronger. Though at the same time it makes sense that on the way that Asta and Yuno would plan to make a trip to their village. What catches you off guard is the fact that Noelle and Nero would decide to accompany them, but just the promo itself gave us the impression that somehow this would still manage to be another entertaining episode.

Watching this new episode, it actually turned out to be one of the more relaxed. Not to say that this wasn’t to be expected since they were only making a trip to their home village, but even then you would have expected things to be a bit more lively than it turned out. Reading this, you might also think this was a bad move on their part. That I honestly couldn’t say because at the end of the day this was an episode it didn’t hurt to have. Between saving the village from the Elves and the fake news of Asta being a problem, this was a great time to address the mindset of the villagers. I found it endearing that they had things figured out for themselves. In a worse anime a village like that would have started treating Asta like crap again, and the quality of the writing would suffer for that laziness. It made a big difference that these people were able to form their own opinions based on what they saw and experienced themselves.

Where things did take a surprising turn was the big changes which hit the village in the meantime. At a point I guess it wasn’t enough just for Asta and Yuno to prove that you can be whatever you want with hardwork. To see these words hit the villagers enough that they would take steps further to improve their quality of life was a brilliant choice. Even now you see some people out there who are quick to compare Black Clover to Naruto, and it shows that they do not understand the premise of either. No one tries to stop Naruto because of the fact that he was an orphan or commoner. There isn’t a class system put in place which hinders your chance based on the family you are born into. The obstacles which Asta and Yuno face are real, that others like them face are real, and their own.

Speaking of Yuno, it was good to see him back again. I know some out there were worrying about the backseat he had taken since the conclusion of the war with the Elves. Personally, I wasn’t worried. With a story like this, and a cast this big, not everyone is going to be around and relevant consistently. This was an important moment to re-emphasize that even now his fight is not through. He and Asta still have obstacles to overcome, and have to get stronger in order to overcome them. That message was sent loud and clear since Yuno still struggles in the area of communication.

As for the reason that Noelle and Nero came along? I don’t think there was anything which justified the presence of one of them, yet at the same time it was hard to argue with why they couldn’t tag along. Noelle on one hand will look for any excuse to be around Asta, then you have Nero who for the most part this is like going home too. It was actually touching to be reminded of what this village means to her indirectly.

Again, Black Clover “A New Resolve” was a chill episode, but it did not come without a takeaway. Like the episode before, they did not fail to put the cards on the table and create an awareness of what these knights are fighting for. To Asta and Yuno, seeing Hage Village thrive is just as important as reaching their personal goals.

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