DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Zari, Not Zari” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Zari, Not Zari”! If this was the week after Ray and Nora’s farewell, feelings would have still been tender after that one. However, we had a break from the Legends, and more time to process everything which happened. Still I thought they did an amazing job, and then some too for how they handled what a bromance is supposed to look like on TV. There’s nothing more real than two guys who have no problem expressing how much one’s friendship means to the other. More shows could take some queues from this!

That said, the show must go on regardless, and this week we were in for a treat. Well, that is most who are big fans of Supernatural. Who would have thought they would be so bold as to tie something with that? Not this guy, I don’t think most would have ever seen this as a possibility till now for an Arrowverse show. Either way, I was very excited to see how this would turn out.

Seeing how this episode was titled, “Zari, Not Zari”, of course this meant that they would now prioritize Zari coming to terms with all of these memories of the past Zari beginning to overlap. Up till now, it seemed like they were dodging these occurrences hard. With other things more urgent, this wasn’t something that you could truly take issue with yet. However, there was no better time than now for Zari to get to that stage where being on this ship long enough there would be no other option than to tackle this development headfirst. How this turned up was an enjoyable experience. For the patience we had in this storyline, they rewarded us with a proper exploration of what goes through Zari’s head when faced with this life she lived which seemed so much more promising than what she has accomplished in this one. This meditative journey she went on led her to an encounter that you didn’t actually think was possible, and yet it now was. It was heartwarming because at any point they could have decided to pull the plug on this Zari and give us the old one. Yet they were smart in their choice to allow this Zari the opportunity to evolve based on an understanding of what it means to be special.

This was also an important episode for me because since Behrad’s introduction, I have always felt that we needed to see more from the guy. Normally he was always just there. Had something goofy to say here, something witty there, and then was on his way. The last time he had a part of any true relevance was about three episodes ago. What we got out of Behrad this week was actually engaging and personal. Not just for the involvement he took in helping Zari through her remembrance of her other life, but for the way he at the same time stepped up as family to be there and ease her through everything that is difficult for this version of Zari to cope with. That said, it did suck that they had to somewhat use him as a plot device this time around, but that was something which could easily be overlooked for the impact he had on what unfolded here.

I was heartbroken with how this episode ended for Zari and Behrad, but you couldn’t have asked for more from Zari who they peeled all the layers back for. It felt nice to feel praise for Tala Ashe’s performance again as Zari.

Now to say that Sara, Constantine, and Charlie run into a problem they couldn’t have foreseen in British Columbia searching for another piece of the Loom was quite the understatement. I think we all knew the kind of trouble they were probably going to run into inevitably, though credit where it is due that you couldn’t have guessed this problem would turn out to be one of her sisters. They did not disappoint to make a statement proving Charlie right that these sisters of hers were not to be trifled with. I found the whole thing chilling because Charlie is not the kind to cower, and it usually takes someone pretty powerful to give Sara a run for her money. Having Constantine around made it no better when he is not the kind of guy to heed those kinds of warnings. This was a recipe for horror which kept you at the edge of your seat from beginning to end for this part of the storyline.

Obviously given the promo for this episode I have to say something about the fact that this is an episode of Legends where Supernatural exists. How this happened was quite genius. We knew the car would make an appearance, though everything else beyond that was a clever development. I don’t know who made the decision that Supernatural should exist in the Arrowverse, but that person deserves a medal for the entertaining approach towards it.

I was actually surprised that they had the room to still peel off and continue Rory’s story. This could have easily been one too many things they had going on, yet there was no denying the substance we got from the big guy trying to be a good dad. At this point there is no doubt some viewers who are ready to see the Rory who is ready to jump into the next big fight. However, like others this is his moment to begin bettering himself. Even when it has seemed like he reached that point before, that was not Rory as someone who was understanding something of real value. There is a difference between valuing someone who is your own blood over priceless items, booze, or a book. It also goes without saying that having Ava help out Rory worked too. This may have taken Ava out of the action, but you have to admire the way they are pushing her to fill that void there is that someone who goes out of their way to help others through their personal situations.

This episode was worth the wait in the end! Everything heartbreaking aside, it was awesome to see some major wheels turning in this story. Zari finally got herself to a point where she could start becoming the best version of who she is in this timeline, and now we know exactly what we are up against with Charlie’s sisters. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Zari, Not Zari” paid us in kind for the patience we had in everything that was building up to this episode.

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