Gleipnir “I Wish I Was Someone Else” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir! Once more I found myself excited to see what came next in this series. Already by the end of the third episode we were already looking forward to what would come with the next monster encounter. I mean who would have guessed that it would also already be Clair’s sister? As I said before, we were ready for the real work to begin, but you could not have braced yourself for answers to have come this soon.

Right now this is the kind of story I can get behind. From the minute this story began, they hit the ground running with everything we should come to expect from this series. We know that this all starts with a coin that you use with that vending machine. We know that these monsters can be just about anyone who has gotten their hands on these coins. That it is dangerous just to have one of these coins in your possession and not use it. And after three episodes, we now know the truth behind what Clair’s sister did to their parents. Some may take all of this in and think too soon. Though these answers serve their purpose in better introducing us, Shuichi, and Clair to the world they have now stepped into.

You would have never guessed that even in this week’s episode that their encounter with Elena would so quickly lead to a proper introduction to the entity who set all of this in motion. I appreciated this interaction Shuichi and Clair had with the guy because this filled in a lot more gaps to this story, while making you question more angles to it that you wouldn’t have considered before. I could roll with the reveal of what he is, the reason why he needs other people to collect these coins, and the compensation he is willing to give for the return of the coins. Though at the same time this only deepens the mystery. Because now you wonder what is true about his story, what isn’t, and what they have to fear if they were to continue pushing forward. For me, I would want to know what happens when this entity gets all of his coins back. Would the reward be worth it? Or would they be unleashing something far more dangerous than what they are more likely going to face in time?

With that said, of course we should address what got most of us anxious for this week’s episode. That being what happened once Elena saw someone else inside of Shuichi’s monster body. This was a chilling scene since both of these sisters were real about the way they felt about one another. On one hand you have Clair who is red with rage now having the opportunity to right the wrong done to her family, and then you have Elena being the sister who had no problem with anything that she had done. A true recipe for a sibling rivalry if you ask me. Again it wasn’t about them blowing a mystery that people may have wanted to be pulled along for, it was about lighting the fuse for everything else that is now to follow from that point.

Too many times we have seen that kind of story where one sibling is looking for the other, and only to find out that said sibling had lost their way. Gleipnir recognizes that trope and ripped the band-aid off early. This gives the story more room to grow without relying on something that you know is inevitable.

This in turn was a great episode for Shuichi as well. One of the more important elements to this story is the question of how far you can stare into the abyss before it drags you down into it. After everything Shuichi has been through in such a short amount of time, this was his moment to truly reflect on these events and find a new reason for moving forward. It all starts with seeing changes to his normal life. They were quick to bringing out these changes in Shuichi. I think they were smart to do this since part of the revelations Shuichi and Clair got was an understanding that becoming a monster meant beginnings of losing part of yourself in the process. The small things matter, and of course you want it to be a natural progression.

Aside from this, the animation was still excellent. The action scene wasn’t as big as the first one we got, but still it was executed with the same quality of pencils and impact from their movements. I was actually surprised that they decided to showcase more of Elena’s physical prowess, than what you would assume she relied on as a shadowy figure.

Overall, another satisfying episode of Gleipnir. After the events of “I Wish I Was Someone Else”, we all know what we have now gotten ourselves into, particularly Shuichi and Clair. What we have discovered so far is something to appreciate when other anime series of the like would probably milk out as many episodes as they could before you learned anything truly groundbreaking.

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