Black Clover “The Lion Awakens” Review

***Spoilers Below***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Black Clover episode 132, “The Lion Awakens”! In other words also the last episode before Black Clover goes on hiatus. Honestly, I was heartbroken when I first heard this. Also shocked that it didn’t happen sooner. Though at the same time I understood that this was something that was going to happen eventually. Not only are these people not actually working, these are episodes which more than likely were already completed beforehand.

That said, this was still an episode to look forward to because once more Asta and company are being taken away to Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail. The last time they went here, it was an exciting episode which led to those who participated receiving a much-needed boost to their abilities now being able to use Mana Skin. Knowing that this was the intent of their first trip, it really made you wonder how they planned to shake things up this time around. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if they were doing the same thing twice. Fortunately when Mereoleona is involved, you know that you should expect the unexpected. She did not disappoint when so quickly everyone was taken out of their comfort zone having to tackle something much more challenging.

When it came to understanding Mereoleona’s true intent for dragging everyone back to this mountain, that did not disappoint either. This could have easily been her trying to put everyone through the ringer for the sake of it, and that would have still made for a cool story since the endgame is leveling up. Though to see that there was actually a reason for this was even better. This led to a cool encounter, and some exploration that you would not have expected. It was by the end of this episode that we could really begin to appreciate the episodes that they were going to take to actually get into the training that these characters would go through. The manga skipped straight to the end of the six months, but here we have the opportunity to watch them develop. Again this is filler, but not once did they make us feel like it was.

Compared to their first trip, this trip focused more on Asta, Noelle, and Leo. This was a great move because all three of them really had drive that this was the best time to tap into. It was engaging to see them each putting their everything into making it to the end first, and turning it into a race at the same time. Personally I was surprised to see Noelle in such competitive spirits, but it was a good look for her considering what she has achieved since her first trip up the mountain. By the end of the episode, we knew exactly what was going through each of their heads at a time where progress is everything.

That this time around she also brought the rest of the Black Bulls along, minus a few, didn’t hurt either. I thought it was fitting that Charmy, Magma, Luck, and Gordon could tag along as some who could really benefit from a real challenge. They kept things lively when none of them were really prepared for what was in store for them. I was actually taken back by the fact that for most of them this was something new attempting to use Mana Skin. Either way, it was entertaining to see what kind of trouble they could get themselves into when of course getting to the end of the trail was not going to be on everyone’s mind.

Now I should actually say I was hesitant about them dragging Charmy along. It is conditional when she takes something seriously, and after what we just discovered about her? We weren’t really given much indication that they had plans on adding more to this development anytime soon.

This may be filler territory we are stepping into in Black Clover, but credit where it is due that this creative team knows how to give you filler without making you feel like they’re wasting your time. Not to say we haven’t gotten some filler episodes where the recap or side adventure you could skip, but there’s barely that many you could count that it ever became problematic. Overall, “A New Resolve” took us back to Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail with a thrilling twist. I’m anxious to see just what Mereoleona has gotten everyone into this time!

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