DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “The Great British Fake Off” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “The Great British Fake Off”! Wow, no time at all to jump back into the story and process a Legends without Ray or Nora. So soon did they put us through the ringer not only giving us one of the better written episodes for Behrad, but also using him as an example of how dangerous Charlie’s sisters are! It was a lot to take in with other developments thrown on top too. That anxious feeling for another new episode could not have hit harder.

You can tell things are getting serious when you go from dealing with one Encore, to many at once. Before this episode began I had myself questioning just how in the world Zari and Constantine could find themselves trapped in a 1910 boarding house with a slew of out-of-time Encores. The answer to that did not disappoint. I would call it a classic Constantine situation when forced to work with others. From the start of this episode we could see the changes in Zari play out immediately. This was a Zari who knows what she once was, what she is now capable of, and stands up with a new sense of determination. I found it genius that it would be Constantine who felt her wrath because that is the true test of anyone’s resolve. The lengths they will go in order to make the guy fix what he caused. This made their dynamic exciting because neither of them was trying to give the other an inch when it came to getting the job done and getting out before trouble caught up with them.

What made this situation so entertaining was the fact that all of these Encores were not meant to be thrown in the same place with one another. All of them were dangerous in their own right, but neither of them should have ever been put under the same roof to accomplish a singular task. This also made it humorous when it came down to Zari and Constantine putting their brains to the test to get around the numerous obstacles they faced. For Constantine this is usually just another day, but for Zari this was an impressive feat to get as far as they did looking for that piece to the Loom without relying on the power of her totem.

For Constantine, it did not hurt getting one more episode where he could learn something from his actions. What I loved personally about him having to deal with this angered Zari is the familiarity to what happens when Constantine usually crossed Zatanna. You would get the same results. A Constantine who had most of his faults thrown right back at him. Honestly it is the best way to make the guy understand the decisions he makes, and how they affect others.

Now what surprised me was that the Legends would actually be taking a trip to Hell. Only so much could go wrong for this lot when going someplace they have no business going. Especially when it is Gary who you are trusting to get you there and back in one piece. Regardless, it was a scene which managed to grab hold of your attention for a number of reasons. First of course there was a level of humor to their experience. There was no way that they couldn’t go to Hell without still doing things their way, or in other words Rory walking in like he owns the place. Then there was the engagement which we got once more from Ava. It was unexpected that she would find a connection with Astra, but it was a good one they took advantage of. After that it was the twist to the Fates’ plans which obviously would have had to change a bit with the betrayal of Charlie.

Sara being out of commission once more wasn’t too shocking, but it definitely gets some wheels turning about what is going on inside of her. Is it demonic? Does this have something to do with her already dying once before? Maybe being a time traveler gives you some resistance to immediate effects? Or has she already seen some divine being in the past? This development gets you asking some big questions that you could never get one-hundred percent until her time comes.

What I appreciated was that this was another episode which offered some fan service. This time around it just so happened to be the Arrowverse’s version of *SPOILER* Enchantress. This I loved because if there has been one thing I couldn’t get over when it came to the Suicide Squad’s Enchantress? It was how hollow the character turned out. There was no real personality to her, anything familiar about her look, in fact, I could barely call her a sorceress. How the Legends introduced her and the role she played felt like more thought was put into who she is at the core.

Nothing like things going according to plan, am I right? Too bad noting went according to plan for the Legends this week, but they still managed to make the best of their situations. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “The Great British Fake Off” took perfect advantage of the momentum this story has picked up.

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