Review: Sabrina: Something Wicked #2

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Sabrina: Something Wicked #2! I gotta say, I’m pretty shocked that there is a book like this still out there. Credit where it is due to Archie for finding some way to still allow books like Sabrina to release, even if it isn’t a physical copy. Either way, if you are picking up this second issue, that means like me the first issue did well in picking up where the first volume left off. Where on problem was laid to rest, there’s now much more that Sabrina has to deal with.

Though with that said, who would have guessed that one of Sabrina’s problems would include her aunts? Just what were they up to that would lead to turning two kids into a monster? Questions like this created anxiousness for what comes next! Well the first thing which comes is the teenage angst rising to an all time high. There was one thing I did prepare myself for when it came to this book, and that was that they would do more to balance Sabrina’s normal life. Normally with books like this they would start with normalcy and slowly try to ditch it. However, in this book they are doing the opposite. Its more of everything else that is trying to cram its way inside of Sabrina’s normal life. Right now I appreciate this because there is more effort put into trying to keep both halves separate. This obviously leads to some cliche, but it is the execution which matters more at the end of the day. That I would say they are nailing so far.

The only concern I have currently is that Sabrina doesn’t have a more cunning way of explaining to people that things are complicated for her right now. These days that should be quite an easy task. So it is hard to believe that she could struggle so much with getting out of these awkward situations. Especially as a witch.

This development with Della’s shop has also been a nice addition to Greendale. This is one of those rare locations for someone like Sabrina where she can be around other witches in a casual setting. This creative team has done well in leading Sarbina to someone who acts as sort of a mentor. Having a figure like this in her life is nothing new to some of us, but what tends to matter most is how said person helps. Right now I would say Della presents herself as someone who offers comfort in being a witch. With her aunts there’s only so much she is allowed to learn and indulge in. Yet with Della there’s a sense of freedom around her and openness that she needs in this moment.

That aside, I quite enjoyed the artwork for this issue. Things have been fairly personable up to this point which meant that most of the artistic focused was being placed on the characters. Yet at the same time this made the more magical moments stand out when they hit. For example, it was one thing to see the card game in passing, but it was another experience entirely to see Sabrina playing it herself. There was an elegance to the game which was fantastic for the way the life was brought out of the cards. Not to mention the way these figures weaved into one another. Beyond that, I would say things were much more colorful in this issue too. This succeeded in keeping things lively, even when this is such a gloomy period for Sabrina. The background colors in particular were a great choice when it came to emphasizing certain reactions from Sabrina and other characters.

Overall, Sabrina: Something Wicked #2 served as an enjoyable transition from the events of the first issue. To say that things are complicated for Sabrina right now would be one heck of an understatement. Whether things out of her control or within, there’s not a dull moment in Greendale.

Sabrina: Something Wicked #2




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