The Flash “Liberation” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Flash “Liberation”! Last week was a gut-wrenching episode of The Flash. For a lot of reasons, though mainly for being a Joe West episode, but also because it felt like they were putting the final nail in the coffin for the writing for Barry and Iris. After that episode, I didn’t know what I was expecting from this series anymore. Is it too much to ask for a superhero story that doesn’t rely too heavily on elements of drama?

Even with the start of this episode they kept hammering what was already killing you about the writing. You would want to love the fact that Barry has finally caught on to the idea that this Iris who kicked him out isn’t the real Iris. I mean how could it take you that long? Do you not know your wife? That she would never get that personal with you, or even make you feel like you failed everyone? No, so this was definitely one of those scenes where it was better now than later, because any later and this would have just been sloppy work altogether. I even struggled when it came to other characters as well who just were not seeing the red flags that should have struck them as well knowing Iris as long as they have. With that said, it was still good that the very next episode would be Barry at last asking the right questions.

Now I will say that they found redemption for WestAllen by the end. Credit where it is due that Barry would have eventually figured out that who he was dealing with wasn’t the real Iris. Some will say that they rushed into this part without giving Barry much room to pick up on the red flags naturally, and that isn’t something you can take from them either. Though still they found redemption for West/Allen because this is the kind of emotion and atmosphere we should have been exposed to when these two realized what was at stake in trying to save each other.

That said, if you ask me? I might also agree with those out there who say Mirror Iris stole the show. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand it is commendable that you could take such a throwaway character and make their part in one episode so captivating. However, on the other hand it is problematic when you feel something more than what you have been able to feel for the real Iris. This tells you that they clearly can do better, but they need to begin thinking outside of the box with some of these characters. Seeing them going through more of the same is only going to hurt them in the longrun. For everything wrong about the Mirror Iris story at the end of the day, I do have to hand it to them that they were able to leave you with one good memory about this ordeal.

Eva’s bold move of course was going to be liberating herself from the mirror world, though what grabs your attention more than that is how she planned to escape. For someone who has been planning this escape for a decade, they made it believable with the detail she put into each stage of her plan. Some things you can tell came only by opportunity, but that also shows how brilliant of a scientist she is to be so observant about things which could be advantageous to her. Every move was calculated, and that is something refreshing from most Flash villains who allow themselves to be prisoners to their own habits.

If there was one thing I did enjoy most about this episode, it was finally seeing what Caitlin has been up to since she was taken out of action. Honestly, it had been so long that it was easy to forget even the reason why. Though either way, this was a great time to bring her back into the story and give her something new to deal with at the same time. This was of course a bold storyline to give Caitlin at the same time. When you think of something that would really put Killer Frost out of action, you would think something related to fire, though a solar blast is creative. I can’t say I don’t want to see their solution to helping her heal from it.

This right here was the episode we waited for. It doesn’t wash away some of the poor writing that was hard to overlook, but they still made the destination worthwhile. Now we can get back to something real now that everyone is in the know and understanding what must come next.

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