DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Batman’s Back Man” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Batman’s Back Man”! After a whole season, I’m shocked that this is the one where they have decided to indulge in an episode that is all Batman. Personally, I couldn’t care less about Batman, but this animated version of the Bat has grown on me. They take everything that is ridiculous about Batman and make him entertaining.

Off the bat, I loved the opening scene where they decided to poke fun at the average toxic comic book fan. They nailed what it probably looks like when some of them see a show like Harley Quinn and shoot it down because it doesn’t fit their view of Gotham. To these guys Harley is always with Joker, Joker always matters more than Harley, Batman is always going to be the star in Gotham, and female characters always play second fiddle to the guys. At the end of the day some comic nerd out there is having a meltdown after that opening scene. Shots fired!

Now then, back to our Batcentric episode. The writing was brilliant for the fact that this was supposed to be Batman making a big comeback. When the Dark Knight gets knocked down like this, normally everyone is used to him going through the usual cycle of getting himself back in fighting shape and getting his head ready for what comes next. Though that’s not what happened here! It was as if we were watching a What If, and the question was what would happen if Batman recovered like the rest of us. The answer to that was simple. He would not be able to do many things on his own, the pain would be too imaginable for him to accomplish anything even if he did try to put the suit back on. Aside from the humor they threw in to exaggerate his stubbornness, this was what it would look like if people treated him like a man with limitations.

What added to the fun here was surprisingly the writing for Alfred too. I was not ready for how much I could fall in love with Alfred for the struggles he went through to keep Bruce on a leash. If there’s one thing we all know, it is that you do not push Alfred. He may be the butler, but he is also far from someone you should underestimate. It was great that he was the guy to consistently keep telling Bruce he wasn’t ready to get back to work. Not to mention the guy to look Bruce in the face and say “I can square up if you’ve already forgotten my past”.

With this being the return of Batman, there was no better time than now to properly introduce Batgirl. Again this was creative considering what is is so different from her comic counterpart. Aside from the costume, this was a youthful version of Batgirl who acted more her age. It wasn’t hard to believe that she would be the kind who records herself taking down bad guys, making social media posts, or just having her own account in general.

That aside, it was also refreshing to see how the final two big villains of New Gotham would handle this new situation. They are all that’s left, Batman isn’t dead, and now the city is starting to fight back against the chaos they have been thrown into. This was pretty much a losing battle. Though where is the fun in that? I mean, we know how this is going to end ultimately, but there’s no thrill if there is no challenge to expect from either villain. That is what made it so exciting that it would be Bane who steps up first to show that not all of these villains can be taken down so easily.The kind of fight that Bane puts up? That was brutal! If you went into this episode thinking that this would be one of the more tame? Guess again!

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Batman’s Back Man” is the Batman episode you never thought you needed till now. This was comedy gold, and credit where it is due that they know how to accomplish this without the need for Harley and her crew. An episode like this makes the statement as a whole that the sky is the limit with a show like this.

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