Batwoman “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Batwoman “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You”! This episode I found myself much more anxious for than last week’s. You looked forward to that one because that was Batwoman’s return, but what you wanted from it most was to get things back on track for Kate and everyone else who have been set off course. With a new sense of direction for the cast, there is now much more to look forward to!

Now I must say that I was definitely caught off guard this week. When it comes to a show like Batwoman, sometimes you get so used to the idea that everything is going to be serious. That so very few times will you expect to actually find the story entertaining. While that may still be true for the most part, it was nice to get at least one episode where Kate could actually be seen cracking a smile. I mean you would have expected it to just be Mary getting hyped up about going to the club, but here we are with Kate dancing to the idea of clubbing as part of the job. Of course you could say that the scene itself was not as lively, yet still it was refreshing that the headspace everyone was in wasn’t more of the same. Even the main antagonist for this situation she ends up getting herself in wasn’t dull. The guy had charisma and was feeling like he was on top of the world having Batwoman right where he wanted her.

While we knew that Kate was going to get caught, there was one big takeaway from the situation she found herself in. That being the fact that she has done a lot as Batwoman. Right now it is easy to assume that she hasn’t done enough for all the things we don’t actually see her do in costume. Though episodes like this send a message to us that she has been fighting the good fight, and making some powerful enemies in the process.

Now of course nothing is ever that easy. Kate faced a fair number of challenges this time around, and this led to an end to her latest mission that you didn’t quite see coming. I appreciated it not because we needed to see that even Kate can stumble, but because even at a time like this Kate still needs a wake-up call when it comes to the kind of people she allows into her life. It’s one thing when she is pushing Mary away to keep her safe, but she can’t allow and random pretty face to get that close and ruin what should be a good thing. That said, in fairness you might also find yourself open to the idea that even a female hero can run into a problem like this that most male heroes can’t seem to dodge.

I did not mind where they were going with this episode. The title of this episode suggested that the main purpose was to have Mary work towards being a part of Kate’s circle of trust. Obviously this was going to happen at some point, though I’m glad that this wasn’t something they were willing to allow drag on. It would have been one thing if they did that with Mary knowing the truth for so long, but it would have been another thing if even after coming clean she still kept pushing Mary away. Even if intentions are good, you know what kind of unnecessary tension that will create. So with that said, it was enjoyable to have Mary given this opportunity to once more establish what she can do that no one else can. That being one of the few who can fit in with the rich crowd, and genuinely understand how they think. Status and connections are everything at the end of the day.

Aside from this, once more Alice and Mouse were contenders for the spotlight. Even when this was one of the lighter of the episodes, there was no denying that they can’t be beat when this is their element. That’s of course not to say Alice isn’t capable of balancing emotional moments too. She had one this week and nailed it when facing one of the few people in this world who she needed to be on her side. With that said, credit where it is due seeing how she was able to pull off her first act in charge of Arkham Asylum. It was a dicey move, but again a reminder that she isn’t someone to underestimate because of her madness.

Before I forget, I have failed to mention how interesting it has been seeing this version of Tommy Elliot. He has definitely been comic accurate when it comes down to his obsession with Bruce Wayne. I actually admired that they were also able to poke fun at how extreme his obsession got. To some degree you care about him in the same way that you would Alice because both are crazy, but far from the type you want to mistake for brainless.

Batwoman “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You” was a solid transition from the return episode. Maybe Kate allowed herself to get too comfortable after everything she has been through, but that’s just another day in the life of a hero. Aside from that, there was some entertainment from Mary at least winning trust that she can help without being a liability.

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