Gleipnir “Crazy Enemies” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir! After last week’s episode of Gleipnir, there is now a lot more to look forward to from this series now that we are more aware of the world Shuichi and Clair have stepped into. They still have the motivation to bring Elena in, but now they also have a new motivation in the form of collecting one-hundred coins. To what end do they want to do with the wish they’ll be granted at one-hundred? Who knows, but half the experience will be getting their hands on those coins.

Once more I loved the pacing for this series. Even now you would expect that this is the point where things begin to turn into a slow crawl. That they would journey out into the forest and go through all sorts of obstacles before getting into that first encounter. Yet here we are in only episode five, the first episode where they step into the forest, and here they find themselves already about to take on an enemy who seems even more powerful than Elena. I also enjoyed that this was something that the episode was building up to from the start. So with that said, the build-up to that moment was interesting. There had to be some reason why these two so easily ran into someone that powerful. That reason grabbed your attention for the thought process that went into it. It was hard to argue with either when this is one of those things where fortune favors the bold. They wanted to know what they were up against, and got their answer immediately.

The fight itself was a big contrast to some of the others. The first battle they had was much more physical, the second one was completely one-sided, while this one on the other hand was much more calculated. This is not to say it wasn’t exciting, because it was, though as the first encounter in the forest, the opportunity was taken to change the stakes. It wasn’t that time to fight blindly, or consumed with emotions. This was Shuichi and Clair for once jumping into a confrontation with more comfort in what they are and what they can do.

While some were worried about the animation style maybe being too much for a series like this, I do have confidence that they can pull this one off with consistency. Again, none of the battles have been as demanding as the first one, but all the same the visual quality has not faltered between that and the effects used to bring out other supernatural elements in the story.

This first monster Shuichi and Clair encountered was perfect for the fact that to keep everyone on their toes, this was the perfect opportunity to establish the idea that not everyone is there for the same reason. Not everyone is going to journey into the forest to look for the coins, not everyone is looking to get into a fight, and not everyone is going to be worth killing for a coin. What they also perfectly capture through this confrontation was how they sent the message that looks can be deceiving. You look at the opening sequence for Gleipnir, and you would have instantly assumed that giant monster with the blades for hands would be terrifying. Of course he actually was, but there was no denying that there was much more to this guy than what you were seeing on the surface. His desires are one-dimensional, but it was great to have the opportunity to see someone who is a strong departure from what is probably going to be predictable about others down the road.

There was an extra encounter tossed in, and this one you could take any kind of way. To me, I saw the value in creating an image of those monsters who you would consider lowly. Obviously there would be those who are only intimidating for their appearance and demeanor. This one did not disappoint there for the purpose it served.

While that was the first encounter, at the same time I appreciated the fact that they managed to slip in a small scene which served as an example for what the average Gatherer experiences out in the forest. There was no better time than now to show everyone what life is like once you step into the territory of monsters. There isn’t anything like a hierarchy or anything, but there is definitely a split in territories which says a lot about how long this search has been going for. Not to mention how dangerous it is to go in without enough information.

Overall, Gleipnir “Crazy Enemies” as a first taste of what to expect in the forest did not disappoint. We know the forest works around territories, that not every battle is going to be the same, and we even know that there is a possibility to find allies among monsters. From there is should be fascinating to see what Shuichi and Clair do with this new information.

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