DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Ship Broken” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Ship Broken”! Now who would have ever thought that we would reach a point in Legends of Tomorrow where on one hand you have Sara actually possessing abilities beyond human, and on the other hand Rory of all people trying to figure out how to be a good dad? Surely not this guy! You gotta hand it to the showrunners, this season has not disappointed hit us with one surprise after the next on top of all the other supernatural madness.

As with most of this season, the pacing and momentum taken to this story has been the least of your worries. From the start of this episode they jumped right into the matter that is what to do with the Loom of Fate first. I mean I think most of us should have already known how that was going to end. It was a matter of paying attention to the details to understand that the Legends didn’t understand everything about this tool. Not even Charlie which was a bit hard to believe. Regardless, there’s never a harm in trying. With everyone eager to use the Loom of Fate, this meant that between helping Sara, bringing back Behrad and Astra’s mom, there was going to be tension with everyone thinking that their need comes first. It was a tricky situation that could have gone any way and you couldn’t really argue with the result. It wouldn’t have made sense to genuinely disregard one life for another.

Now in Legends fashion, there is always a twist. This week that twist hit differently because it was cleverly executed. There’s nothing more damaging to the Legends than a mystery that has no clear answer. They don’t know how to handle that, and when that happens, they fall apart. They get in their own way and things instantly become more complicated since no one is thinking with the right frame of mind. It worked perfectly too when the moment of clarity came and the answer was in the very last place that they were looking. I personally got a good laugh out of it for it being a development that could only happen in a show like this compared to the other Arrowverse shows.

This week threw me for a loop when it came to understanding the reasoning for the title. The ship was broken, but that would have been too easy. There was a new guest aboard the Waverider, and that too would have been too easy. They really thought outside of the box this time around and it paid off by the end of the episode. Just when you think they couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they prove you wrong in so many ways. I found it brilliant that this could actually have something to do with a dog. Even then there was more to this dog than you were prepared for. I mean this episode was supposed to be all about what comes next with all the pieces of the Loom in their possession. However, as I said last week, nothing ever goes according to plan for the Legends. What came with bringing this dog aboard the ship was one of the more unique situations that they have been placed in. The reason why Legends is the best from the Arrowverse is fact alone that they embrace WTF moments, because this was a big one.

One of the bigger developments for this episode was Sara waking up to this new ability of hers. I thought it was excellent for her. She stared into the face of a God and lived to tell the tale. There’s always going to be a give and take from that. It was only natural that if she woke up blind, she would in turn be able to do something as awesome as foresee the future. Obviously the immediate reaction would not be excitement, so I do think they nailed the response from Sara and everyone else.

If there’s one thing that I couldn’t help nitpick about, it was the denial in what it means to gain the ability of foresight. When you hear that this ability is the act of trading one sense for another, clearly that means you have literally traded one sense for another. This is something even Constantine should have been able to explain to them. There wasn’t going to be some quick fix without giving up that ability in the process, and even then that’s probably not something you can really pull off without some greater power involved. If I were able to look past that, still this is a great development. It sucks since at the end of the day we are talking about someone’s ability to see the world and the things they care about, but it takes nothing from someone as formidable as Sara, who is a trained assassin.

That aside, Astra’s presence on the ship did shake things up quite a bit. Her reaction to the disorder on the ship was nothing new, but it was refreshing to have someone on the ship who came to them for something serious, only to be met with anything but what was expected. What I actually found funny was that in the process of mocking the Legends for their irresponsibility, Astra was at the same time showing that to some extent she fits in perfectly with people who live in chaos.

It was also interesting that they would decide to make this the episode where Rory brings his daughter Lita aboard the ship. I thought this was something which should have happened long ago, but that is also part of the problem that is Rory trying to be a good dad. He’s working hard at it, and not everything for him is going to happen through the correct steps. So far they have turned this into a real experience which some out there can relate to. Getting the trust of a kid who you made feel abandoned is no simple task. Everything you do is going to seem wrong, and that is just something you have to overcome through determination. At the same time you could also call this our proper introduction to Lita. That was something worth investing in because it’s not often we can get character development from someone her age. She also brought a sense of wonder to the ship that is rare.

At the end of the day, I do have to say DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Ship Broken” is up there as one of my favorite episodes this season. That is saying lot considering how many other episodes you could have said were also either your favorite, or the best. A good show is one that keeps you from believing that you have already seen all it has to offer.

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