DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues”! Just how does one top what we got from last week’s episode? Because I’m still processing the hilarity they put into our first all Batman episode in the series. As I said before, it was the Batman episode you never thought you needed till now. With that said, we still know better than to count out what comes to follow

The big thing this time around was getting down to the mystery of where The Joker has been since the end of the first season. It was no secret to us that The Joker managed to survive the destruction of his fortress, but for everyone else they were just waiting for the madman to pop up again. Now I was impressed, because they wasted no time at all jumping into what fate awaited The Joker. An ordinary scene shaken up when the guy pops up right there in the flesh, but of course with his sanity. I loved how the atmosphere quickly changed from there too. This isn’t the first story we have experienced where the Joker is suddenly sane and without memories of who he once was. It gives you the chills when you just don’t know if this is another game he’s playing, or if what you’re seeing is actually genuine.

The reaction from Harley and Ivy was gold for the fact that there’s no wrong way to respond to this development. It hit them out of nowhere and there was no way to simply walk away from something which could have turned into a whole situation they weren’t prepared for.

Now what I wasn’t prepared for was in what capacity we were going to be seeing Harley interacting with Joker. In the promo for the episode, we saw a scene where both are in Arkham and Harley is still Harleen. Even then, they already made it know that this episode would lead us to a flashback revisiting Harleen Quinzel’s first day at Arkham Asylum. Little did you know that this would also be a majority of the episode too. This was a rare period to explore when most don’t make attempts to explore what the experience was like for Harleen when she finally got to meet The Joker and begin falling for him. As the first time I have seen a story play out like this, I liked the approach taken towards creating this opportunity for Harleen. There was a reason they put the two together in the same room. Not to mention they made it feel like a natural progression that Harleen would begin to fall for someone who embraced the chaos which lied behind that high IQ.

It didn’t hurt either that they found a way to weave Ivy into this story. That caught me off guard, but it was worthwhile that we could see what motivated Ivy to put so much effort into helping Harley down the road. For villains, sometimes you need a strong connection in order to put someone else’s need before your own. Whether this was something which actually happened or not, it was comforting to know that through Harleen’s short time working at Arkham Asylum, she did make some breakthroughs. That is of course varying on your definition of a breakthrough.

At the end of the day, the big takeaway was what this was all leading to. Would they kill this guy to make sure there isn’t a chance of The Joker coming back? Or would they leave him alone since they aren’t the type to kill without good reason? The answer to that was satisfying since it left things up in the air. The Joker may come back, or he may not. All you know is that if he does? As usual he will make one hell of an entrance when you expect him the least!

Overall, DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues” did well in making sure that no stone was left unturned after the events of the season one finale. We know what happened to Batman, and now we know what happened to The Joker.

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