Batwoman “A Secret Kept From All the Rest” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Batwoman “A Secret Kept From All the Rest”! Last week’s Batwoman was an excellent point in time for them to remind us that this is still the makings of Batwoman. Kate has a long way to go between finding that line she shouldn’t cross, trusting her own instincts, even knowing who she should allow to get close to her. She’s going to stumble, and that is how we end up with one of the more dangerous villains in the DC Universe, Hush. I don’t think anyone was ready for this twist to hit. Though it’s hard not to feel anxious to see what the Arrowverse version was going to be like.

Transitioning into this next episode, it wasn’t had to believe that Kate would find herself consumed with by this betrayal and start questioning the loyalty of everyone around her just when she needs them most. Yet at the same time how they executed this kind of missed the mark. I mean how does someone begin questioning everyone else, when they are the least trustworthy person involved? Julia stuff aside, it was too cliche that Kate would stir up all this tension after losing the journal because a pretty face caught her off guard. If this was natural, then someone like Kate would be on their Ps and Qs about rocking the boat. You know, look for answers without flipping over every table in the process. That said, they did find some redeemable moments here and there in the form of having that one person who is able to look at Kate and say “You know you messed up, right?”.

What didn’t hurt either was having Mary alongside Kate for most of this situation. This was one of those exceptions where you could say a little humor went a long way. Didn’t take from the seriousness, nor did it distract from what needed to be addressed about Kate’s dilemma. I only hope that making Mary a part of the team doesn’t ignore her work giving medical aid to people. That should always be what matters most to her.

When you get into the meat of this episode, this turned out to be a big one. I was not prepared for how things were going to blow up in this hour, but they pulled no punches when it came to the lengths Alice and company were willing to go in order to decipher the journal. What I loved more than anything else was also understanding how important that journal was. What people were willing to do in order to get their hands on it justified the measures Lucius Fox put in place to keep those secrets safe.

So far I would say that Hush did not entirely disappoint. Not as dangerous or intimidating as his comic counterpart, but credit where it is due that they also took to an accurate appearance and shtick. For some of these villains, the best you can ask for is that they leave you with some impression. They have to be able to terrorize the city in a way that no one else has been able to. This Hush did that in his own way despite his scenes being fairly cut and dry. Now if I was being honest, then I would say that a villain like Hush is someone you really want to progress to. This is the kind of villain that you want to stand out more than the others in a season. Even after this episode, Alice was still much more of a danger than Hush. That is unfortunately a problem that they might have to look into correcting in the season finale.

With members of Gotham’s intelligentsia disappearing, this was Commander Kane, Sophie and the Crow’s time to shine as they went searching for the newest homicidal threat to the city. It has been some time since they were really out there doing their work, and now was the best time to allow them some room to get back to some sense of normalcy. Including their vendetta with Batwoman who once more proves to be their biggest obstacle. I know that at this point some may wonder why Kane can’t just lean on Batwoman to do some of the things he can’t, but you have to appreciate how they are trying to break away from too many comparisons to a Batman/Gordon relationship.

When it came to Alice this week, I was on the fence when it came to her need for the journal. She and Mouse really did have a good thing going for them. This was the first time where we were really seeing Alice’s madness get the best of her when most of the time she tends to be the most clever person in the room. That’s not to say she wasn’t at the end of the day, but she made some questionable sacrifices in the process of getting what she wanted. It was unfortunate seeing her become this creature of habit, but at the same time this change in her may have been a long time coming. For how long was it always going to be what they wanted as a collective? For how long was Alice going to ignore the fact that her family doesn’t want to recognize her like this? She was either going to fully embrace her role as villain, or continue to wander aimlessly.

This thing with Julia, I’m glad that they did not drag it out the way they could have. It was definitely a thing for a good bit, but with one episode left in the season there would have been no reason that she needed to be such an object of mystery. So when this episode kicked off, they wasted little time putting her in a position where it was a challenge to keep everyone else from suspecting that something was up. Beyond this, I do want to have faith that they have bigger plans in mind for Julia and try to avoid tying her up too much in a love triangle. Most of us who are fans of this character in the books usually enjoy the fact that she doesn’t get tied down too easily.

All in all, to think that next week will be the season finale for Batwoman. Of course it came faster than it should have due to the pandemic stripping the season of what should have been twenty-two episodes, but here we are. Batwoman “A Secret Kept From All the Rest” left no dynamic shook up in this show, and already you can see that nothing is going to be the same before the finale even begins.

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