Gleipnir “Gatherers” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Gleipnir! Things are shaping up good for this series after the events of “Crazy Enemies” last week. We moved forward with knowledge of how the forest works around territories, that not every battle is going to be the same, and we even know that there is a possibility to find allies among monsters. Now Shuichi and Clair can proceed knowing exactly what they are in store for if they run into the wrong Gatherer.

I was surprised where this week took us. When Clair picked up that phone with their first targets? Just about anything could have happened from there. For us who just watch the anime, it is still too soon to assume that we know everything we need to know about her. By that I do mean understanding the lines that she is willing to cross in order to get what she wants. Together Clair and Shuichi have good intentions in gathering coins, but at the end of the day you will always question how far she will go having more at stake. That said, it was a surprise when it came to what Clair decided to do with this new information. With this episode being titled “Gatherers”, this meant that they were going to encounter more people. The question was how that would turn out. Their meet-up didn’t disappoint considering how every move is either going to be taking a step forward, or taking a step back.

I would say that Clair did a little bit of both. If there was one flaw noticeable about Clair at this point, then it is the fact that she overestimates her ability to be the greater opportunist. Her confidence gets the best of her, and it leads her into situations where the unknown holds her back. It didn’t hurt to throw her in the crosshairs of someone who knows how to match her in wits. Someone who knows how to play that game, and seemingly do it better. Now I should say that there is anything wrong with being overconfident either. Clair is still a regular person and has to do what she has to do in order to keep the odds in her favor.

With that said, it was interesting that they could create a side adventure for Shuichi the way they did. This was unexpected, but where it leads definitely has your attention. Mainly because it is too soon for a smart kid like Shuichi to allow his strong moral compass to make him feel braver than he should be. This may have taken most of the episode, but it was worth the wait for the build-up. Especially since at the same time they were taking the time to show why it is that Shuichi and Clair work so well together. It was a moment that they could have gotten around to at any point, but I’m glad they were quick to address this now. If just about anyone can get inside of Shuichi, what makes one person different from the other? The answer to that came simple. It wasn’t hard to dispute either.

Like last week, I still admired seeing that there is more to these monsters people become than what is originally assumed. This week it was also better understood why it is that these people even find themselves turned into monsters in the process of getting what they waned from the alien. This was a welcomed understanding because again a clear line is drawn between those who wanted something genuine, and those who allowed their desires to get the best of them. Not to mention this further shakes up the certainty in being able to judge people based on appearances. Important things to know always when not everyone has the same motivation for gathering coins. These Gatherers they met with certainly break from the mold, and that is going to be something worth exploring to the fullest. Particularly since they are not what you would call heavy-hitters like the duo’s first ally.

Overall, Gleipnir “Gatherers” continues to add depth and meaning to this world of monsters. Not everyone is made the same, some have the game figured out better than others, and some may also have to figure that out the hard way. This is a world which for better or for worse favors the bold.

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