DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Freaks and Greeks” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Freaks and Greeks”! Nate, Charlie, Zari, Astra and Sara this week find themselves on the hunt for the Chalice of Dionysus. Not to mention with Ava, in particular, getting into the school spirit in a goofy way as the mascot, a moose. What could go wrong! This is one of those episodes I really can’t help but look forward to because again they embrace situations which easily throw heroes like these outside of their comfort zone.

For the Legends, it does not get any further outside of that zone than going back to college. This week the Legends found themselves going back to college to form a sorority in order to try to retrieve an ancient artifact called the Chalice of Dionysus that will help Charlie operate the Loom of Fate. This was fun for the fact that these ladies are very prone to getting in each other’s way at the worst of times. How were they really going to manage putting together a sorority and pull off the college experience? Well half the fun for them is the struggle. Every minute of it was worth it because it was all about reaching that moment where they realized the importance of being more than just Legends for this mission. With so much change on the ship, this team has lost a lot of what would have once made you call them a family. The showrunners realize this, and it showed when getting the chalice was only half the battle.

A great takeaway from this episode was also seeing that Nate can still be the fun guy. When we lost Ray, I think we all too soon forgot how much goofiness was missing from the show. Between those two is was gold every time they should have no problem being mature and couldn’t help acting like they never got out of college. This episode was the remedy to what we have been lacking from Nate. Even if most of his shenanigans were spell induced. Another great takeaway was seeing some personal growth from Astra. I always had this feeling that they were going to try to break her in, and they couldn’t have done a better job. Maybe there’s a plan to make her more central down the road, but honestly I couldn’t argue with it either since Rory has been kept on a tighter leash around his daughter.

Speaking of Rory and his daughter, it was of course endearing that they could find a connection through touring a college together and tackling a mission. At first I did have my concerns about what was possibly going to unfold in this episode. A father and daughter bonding like this is easier said than done. However, in most cases the obstacles can drag on more than one would like. I admired that they tried to get to that place, but without falling headfirst in. Both are trying, acknowledging that they are trying, and making the best of what could have fallen to disaster easily.

What ended up sticking with me most was the way they shook up the interactions. When I say that, I mean the fact that this time around we were being introduced to another God. Who would have thought that something like this would happen so casually in Legends? Not this guy. This was a refreshing break from the Encores and the guest appearances from characters we are more familiar with from the comics. Everything about Dionysus was entertaining, and honestly this is the kind of guy who fits in with the Legends effortlessly. They love to party, they love to drink, and responsibility doesn’t come easily. Though on a more serious note, it didn’t hurt having someone with a connection to Charlie and the Loom who wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of putting it back together.

Aside from Charlie’s initial protests against using the Loom, this was the first time where they really took the chance to explain what is wrong with the Loom from someone else’s point of view. It made sense, even if from Dion’s point of view he was looking to coast through life worry free. His reluctance to help at first sent the message that it does matter what happens when the Loom is put back together. The worst case scenario will always be the loss of free will and control over your own life.

Beyond this, I should take a step back on my criticism of the development with Sara’s powers. While it still may have been fair that I thought the execution missed the mark, they certainly did not miss the opportunity to really take advantage of what this new power has to offer. From the start of this episode we quickly jumped into a point where they accepted this power enough not to ignore it, but still wanted to correct this. The part Sara played in this quest for the chalice was brilliant since this was always going to take some form of cunning to get one over on someone who knew how to play the game better than the Legends.

I know I’ve probably said this a lot, but DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Freaks and Greeks” was entertainment value at it’s finest. Not what you picture when you think of superheroes, but that is what makes this show unique. Only heroes like these will get themselves into situations like this. Meeting another God was just another day too. While all the other Arrowverse shows are hitting their season finales, I’m happy that we have more to look forward to from the one that genuinely makes you smile.

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