The Flash Season Finale “Success Is Assured” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Flash Season Finale “Success Is Assured”! It’s a strange thing to say, but this finale may be the first time I was actually excited for an episode of The Flash this season. I say strange, because it really shouldn’t take a whole season to build-up this kind of feeling. Unfortunately they have been hit and miss, and that took away from one too many episodes where we should have been getting something like what we are looking forward to here.

With that said, that was then and here we are now. Eva McCulloch has evolved into her final form as Mirror Mistress, and it’s going to turn into a major battle between Eva, Team Flash, and Black Hole’s operatives. The build-up to that point was great. This was one of those occasions where Team Flash could really do nothing but put themselves where they needed to be when crap hit the fan. I mean at this point there was nothing they could do to really keep Eva from Joseph. With Barry’s powers depleted, Cisco already off to Atlantis, and Frost still out of commission, the odds were just not in their favor. Especially when you have someone like Joseph you are trying to protect and can’t help trying to convince everyone that he is still in control of the situation.

Barry had a plan, and he was definitely met with challenges along the way. The only issue I had with the writing for Barry was that even when it mattered most, there he was ready to make a questionable choice for the sake of someone else. You would think that at a point like this he was able to think past what he wants, and think about what the other person would want him to do if they were in his position.If they want to really show growth, it doesn’t help taking steps forward, and then walking that line again. Whether this was the finale or the third to last episode, we were too far in the season for Barry to still be problematic.

One thing did not disappoint, and that was when the big action scene hit. That was the big hype for this season finale, and it was worth the wait for everything it offered. In my honest opinion, I feel like this was one of the best scenes they have put on in quite some time. I love when The Flash tries to go bold and create battles with some of these more out there villains, but the reliance on CGI can sometimes be too much. Mostly for the fact that The Flash doesn’t use high quality effects. So it takes away from a great action scene when everything is computer generated and of course looking off. However, it worked to their benefit that for most of this half of the season we were dealing with individuals with manageable powers. The Black Hole operatives also worked because there was a great choreography put in place and dynamic shared between these ladies. It even went a long way that the cuts between scenes was playful. For a second I was thinking about the excitement I felt watching Scott Pilgrim.

I should also mention the gratitude I felt towards seeing characters like Allegra and Nash Wells put in the action and showing what they have to offer in a combat situation. Off the bat Allegra shouldn’t be someone left on the sideline as one of the more powerful members of Team Flash. Then you have Nash Wells who you would never want to underestimate as the guy who has more experience than most jumping into fights which aren’t in his favor. Aside from that, most scenes in general that Nash had were standout for being able to be the guy who says what others aren’t in the moment.

As the villain, Mirror Mistress at the very least you could say was a saving grace for this season. While not powerful in the same sense that you would call other villains, it was hard to deny the game she played which took a lot into consideration that made her time in contemplation all those years believable. Everything Eva did was a means to an end which you could not truly figure out till they wanted you to. Refreshing when most villains only had one thing on their mind, defeating The Flash. When you have villains like they, their motivations and intentions become too easy to see through. Eva kept you on your toes as someone who Team Flash didn’t even know was a problem or existed till it was too late. Her costume for the finale wasn’t bad. The mirror theme made sense, and it is hard to deny the practicality when the comic counterpart has a pretty silly costume with all the green and orange.

By the end of this finale, once more we said goodbye to Caitlin and Frost. At this point I couldn’t really feel anything about them separating her from the group again since this isn’t the first time. However, this did not stop them from hitting us with an emotional farewell which captured the effect that Frost in particular had on the team. Since taking control of their body, Frost has worked down a list which landed her on one last thing she needed to do in order to feel more like her own person. That meant being recognized as someone their mother considered a daughter. It was a heartwarming moment since this kind of acknowledgement was probably something she needed from the start.

The season six finale for The Flash had something to look forward to, but ultimately it is a finale that will let you down. At this point I’m certain that those two episodes would have made a big difference to bring the story to a close properly, but that just isn’t the case. This was the final nail in the coffin that made this a pretty disappointing season. Characters took steps back, the superhero elements were limited, not enough changes came from the Crisis event to shake things up. There was obviously going to be some cliffhanger we were left on, but it is hard to say if it was one that would truly get you excited for what lies ahead for Team Flash.

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