DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “There’s No Place to Go but Down” Review

***Spoiler Review***

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “There’s No Place to Go but Down”! It was only a matter of time before Harley and company stirred up enough trouble that it would come to them.

When it came to this week’s episode, to be honest I didn’t have that much expectation for what we were going to get out of it. Out of most of the Injustice League members, Two-Face is currently in charge, and he isn’t really one that you would fear as much as the others. Despite personality of this Bane, he is still a terrifying force when he gets serious. So how are we supposed to care about what he does with Harley and Ivy when others could have done much worse? Well fortunately for us that wasn’t something we really had to worry about considering he was only a means to getting them to their next destination. That being of course sentencing Harley and Ivy to life in Bane’s prison, which is the giant pit in the ground.

Life in the Pit was interesting because with this version of Bane, nothing was how you pictured it in your head. When you think of the Pit, you think desolate and bleak. However, aside from it being a pit, obviously someone like this Bane was going to make some changes to the experience. You could definitely find yourself sharing in the same reactions as Harley and Ivy since at the end of the day this isn’t like being locked up in Arkham. This was a great twist for the fact that unless you had powers to get you out of a giant hole in the ground? You would need something really convenient to happen to create an opportunity for escape. So with that said, I loved how they poked fun at certain shows that would really go there to drop that opportunity on the main character’s lap. Harley and Ivy were pushed into a corner where they genuinely had to think outside of the box, and that tends to be when we get the best out of characters like them. They did not disappoint when that moment came. Ivy in particular.

Gotta say I was caught off guard by how this was going to end for Harley and Ivy. We all knew that they were going to escape somehow, and it didn’t matter whether that was this episode or the next. The big question was how. That didn’t disappoint, though you could not have prepared yourself for where this was leading. This episode right here was two seasons in the making and worth the wait. Aside from the Batman episode, this is one that will get many talking because it was everything fans of Harley and Ivy have been waiting for since this series was first announced. I mean, honestly there was only so long they could drag out this relationship of theirs before really addressing what it actually means to them.

With that said, this was also the Bane episode we have needed for quite some time. He’s a joke in this show, but credit where it is due that you don’t find yourself wanting to see more of him. This is someone with somewhat of a conscious stuck in a world where everyone is trying to take advantage of it. It went a long way to show a side of Bane who took better strides to anticipate this, and even get serious sooner rather than too late.

Aside from this there was Jim Gordon and Batgirl working to take back the GCPD headquarters from Two Face. Everything about this part of the story was humorous because the only way this could happen was for Jim Gordon to quit drinking. At this point, he is just a guy who can’t help getting in his own way. They wasted little time either showing how he could get in the way of Batgirl when she has to depend on him to be a proper partner on the streets. Getting over that was worth the wait too. It has been some time since we got a big action scene, and he delivered. It was all too easy to forget how dangerous Jim can be with a gun in hand till he has his head on straight.

Where this ended for them was also a treat. They did something with Batgirl that took a lot longer to happen in the comics. I couldn’t argue with the development either since it further built a bond between the two. Which they need since taking on Two-Face is a big challenge with the power and control he has now amassed.

Again, this episode is one that will get many talking because it was everything fans of Harley and Ivy have been waiting for since this series was first announced. Twists and turns should be something we are used to from this show, but “There’s No Place to Go but Down” proved that there are still some things which can take us by surprise. Next week’s episode will be one to anticipate since many expectations have now been shaken.

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