Batwoman Season Finale “O, Mouse!” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the Batwoman Season Finale “O, Mouse!”! As I said last week, the pandemic has forced Batwoman to end its season early with twenty episodes instead of the original twenty-two. It’s unfortunate because you don’t know what could be and what could have been if there was those two extra episodes. This finale may satisfy us, or it may leave us feeling let down. At the end of the day it wouldn’t be anyone’s fault. So with that said, we still had a lot to look forward to last night!

If there was one thing we needed to understand before this episode began, it was that we weren’t going to be looking forward to some big episode. By that I mean not that episode which would have been Alice enacting her big plan for the family which betrayed her. Though that is not to say this wasn’t still going to be an important episode. After the events of last week’s episode, Gotham has now been turned upside down as dangerous psychopaths have now escaped back onto the streets. While this is always the worst case scenario for Gotham, it was one heck of an opportunity to create more work for both Batwoman and the Crows as not every villain is going to be new. Case in point, the plot for this finale involves one of Gotham’s former heroes returns to his old stomping grounds to settle a score. Initially this caught me off guard because I did assume they meant an actual hero.

Who would have guessed that they meant a regular person who this city managed to twist into a monster? I loved this turnout better than what I had in mind. What we know best about Gotham is that it is a twisted place. Monsters aren’t born the way they are. They are broken and twisted to become what they are. This person was the best example of what that looks like. The challenge he brought Kate was pretty intense because of it. Truthfully it was about time that Kate was met with a foe who pushed her to the limit. Not everyone is going to be her size or the typical guy who knows how to throw down.

This guy was also the perfect example for the fact that he brought out a side of Kate that we haven’t seen in some time. It was one thing for Kate to face someone who pushed her to ask for help, but it was another thing when that help had to be the Crows. We knew ahead of time that there would be a final standoff, where Commander Kane refuses to retreat from his war on Batwoman. The heartbreak Kate suffers in the process made it a standout scene. Considering some of the luck Kate has had with trust recently, they did not waste the opportunity to put Kate through the ringer to make her understand that not everyone she loves is going to be able to take her secret. Not at this point in time. Right now I am holding out on faith that they will wait longer than The Flash before making the idea of secret identities useless.

Through all of this, I still appreciated seeing more involvement from Mary. I still stand by my opinion that they need to still allow her to work her clinic. It may be wrecked at the moment, but you would think that she might put some effort towards getting it going again. Though with that said, let’s shift the focus back to the here and now. What I appreciated about the role she continues to play is being the voice of compassion which Kate needs to hear. You can’t overlook the need in having someone who knows how to be in your corner and see hope where others see doubt. Not a quality you want to lose in the atmosphere this cast creates.

Seeing how this season has ended early, there of course was going to be some things left up in the air. This was to be expected, and honestly I couldn’t argue with the cliffhangers we were left on. The first dealt with Alice. This time around she wasn’t the star of the show, but she still had moves to make to begin her quest for vengeance. The original appeal of her character was that you never knew what she was going to do next. She could be the source of the trouble one minute, then the person helping at the last second, or just off doing her own thing and stirring chaos. However, this time around there was nothing on her mind but getting back at her family. It was actually heartbreaking because it was now where we were able to see how far she was willing to go to make this happen.

Now as far as episode titles go, there was something about it which bothered me this time around. If this was titled “O, Mouse!”, then why weren’t we seeing much of Mouse gearing up towards something important. The reality was unfortunate, but probably the best move they could have made for this character. At some point there is only so far you can go with the Alice/Mouse dynamic. They had to find some way to shake things up. That moment was this finale and it hit hard.

Where the cliffhanger comes into play is shockingly what she decides to do next. To say that Alice is clever can sometimes be an understatement when she gets that wheel turning in her head. It only sucked that we won’t know how this plan turns out till season two….

The other cliffhanger surprisingly involved Julia. I was not anticipating anything major coming from her side of this, but as I’ve said before, it is always better that they dodge dragging out the mysteries behind what she’s hiding from. Now we know that trouble is going to start coming for her. Though like with Alice’s plans, we are going to have to wait until season two in order to see where this goes. Let alone how this will affect the developing relationship with Sophie. Though again I do hope that they avoid doing too much writing Sophie into a corner where looking for a partner is all there is to her relevance.

Obvious SPOILER, though the talk of the night has been the reveal of what the Arrowverse’s Batman looks like. At least when it comes to his face. This I actually never thought they would get around to. Certainly not the way they decided to reveal this to us. When that scene came, I was surprised by who they chose to portray him. Warren Christie works for me. Around the right age for a Bruce Wayne who had his run as Batman over the years, and definitely gives off the playboy millionaire vibe.

Overall, the Batwoman season finale “O, Mouse!” will leave you wanting, but everything else which unfolded was gut-wrenching! They stepped up the challenge that Batwoman and the Crows can face, the tension that these two forces can experience, and how much that really affects Kate. Despite the cliffhangers, they still left us with a lot to anticipate in the next season.

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