DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “I Am Legends” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “I Am Legends”! Last week was a fun one, but we all know the fun and games don’t last forever with a team like this. The Legends may be immortal for 24 hours, but even with that kind of power in their hands, getting to the Waverider to use the Loom of Fate was always going to be easier said than done.

This was the kind of episode of Legends which you rightfully had to brace yourself for. We already knew that the team was going to find themselves trapped in London, they were going to find themselves shipless, and even worse, trapped in a situation where a Zombie Apocalypse has broken loose. What could go wrong? Just about everything! From the minute they pulled the rug from under the Legend’s feet, the struggle was nonstop. You really couldn’t have asked for a better situation to throw them into, because it has been some time since we genuinely saw the version of the Legends where they were winging it from start to finish. It’s not conventional, but that is this team at the core. There was no better time than now to send the message that some things will never change. Having Ava take charge again didn’t hurt either. She may not be one-hundred percent accustomed to winging it, but that just makes it all funnier.

This includes their comfort level with the things which should send them into a panic. This is a Zombie Apocalypse they just had unleashed upon them, but there was no freaking out. It definitely felt like a ‘Shaun of the Dead’ kind of thing because the minute they understood their situation, they jumped right into the solution. Of course it only added to the uniqueness of it all that they actually couldn’t die. Though with that said, how they handled the immortality bit was brilliant. You would think that not being able to die is awesome, yet it never changes the fact that you still have to feel it all. It ensured that everyone was still on their toes for the obstacles they had to overcome in order to get back to the Waverider.

What had a huge impact on your investment was the build-up of suspense. It didn’t take them long at all to make use of Sara’s new powers again, and this left you with the feeling that this is all going to end badly for the Legends. You just didn’t know what form that tragedy would take. With that said, I did find one problem which was hard to ignore. It was the fact that the Legends should have no problem taking on zombies. This is not to say that zombies in mass isn’t obviously troublesome. However, you have one guy who can turn steel and thus should be unstoppable. Another who is a sorcerer and should off the bat be able to either cast most of them way or put up some kind of barrier. Then you have an avatar of wind who should be able to be a force of nature in most situations. The fear was legitimate, but they do have to do better to make us believe that they can be overwhelmed like this.

Regardless, it happened. The execution of their struggle with the hordes of zombies was perfect because you care about these guys. This is the one show aside from Black Lightning where the team is really like an extended family. This situation put their backs against the wall, and once more they reminded us of why they all work together so well. And I know some might think that shouldn’t extend to Zari and Constantine, I am actually for it. This is a healthy thing going on between them. That is more than you could say for when Constantine always goes for someone as broken as him.

This week I was also taken back by the fact that Gary could have such an important role to play. At first I had my concerns because his shenanigans can sometimes offset the tone. However, this season they have been much better about finding a balance to what he brings to the team. Especially now that he is someone capable of performing useful magic. That said, I enjoyed what he got himself into as the only one in the Waverider to be able to stop Charlie’s sisters. What you are led to believe s that there is something that Gary takes to the sisters, but what is really meant is that he takes something from the sisters. This leads him on an entertaining game of cat and mouse which even involved Gideon in one of her most memorable roles this season. Overall, credit where it is due that they can make two characters who you don’t acknowledge as much, make a big difference. They did not waste the opportunity to show that there is no Legend you should underestimate.

“I Am Legends”…. You just don’t title an episode like that without giving the impression that things are going to go sideways. They did, it stung, but it was all in perfect execution. This is what you expect to see when everything is on the line and there is nothing else to turn to than putting together the Loom of Fate.

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