Review: Birthright #43

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Birthright #43! If there was one thing to enjoy about the extra time we had between issue #42 and this one? It was the extra time given to grieve over the loss of Rook. For a reunion we waited for so long, it was devastating that it would come and go so fast. From there you really had to wonder what comes next for Mikey and the rest of our heroes. This would clearly light a new fire in them. Which they might need too!

What I appreciated as I flipped open to that first page was what this creative did for the sake of plot progression. When we took that time-skip into a world where the war for the fate of Earth was brought to their doorstep, there we found ourselves with many questions about the intentions on both sides. For this issue, it was great that they decided to give depth to Lore’s plans. It was of course never going to be as simple as running his army through the door to take over Earth. He was going to need to think bigger if he was going to accomplish a task this ambitious. That is even with the kind of army he has at his disposal. This was a great way to further raise the stakes to. After the werewolf attack? It was hard seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when they couldn’t even prepare for an attack like that.

Which brings me to the set-up we got from this issue. This was that time for them to move all the pieces into place. I found it very intriguing when it came down to who volunteered do what as they got ready for the final move against Lore. Some seemed like they were where they needed to be, while some others left you feeling uneasy about their chance of making it out of this. Either way, the whole thing created a new sense of excitement because Rook’s sacrifice did exactly what was hoped for when giving everyone a new reason to press forward.

After that, all that was left was setting it all into motion. There was plenty of time given to that in this issue. I mean they could have spent the entire issue setting up, and I wouldn’t have had much of a problem with that. Things have been action-packed so far. So if we went without much of it? That wouldn’t hurt one bit. Though fortunate for us? There was still action, and it was still a thrill for the small bit that it was! Especially for the fact that this put Mikey right in the position he needed to be in to finally explain to us what was going on in that head of his to let all of this darkness and madness spread to Earth.

The interior art was spectacular! I expected nothing less from this art team, and they brought their A-game for the way that they set the stage for the final battle. When I say set the stage, I do mean the work they put into the settings. Once more it was one stunning visual after the next. What we see may just be a slice of Terrenos on Earth, but it is all still unique in structures and atmosphere. Just from the colors alone, I would have said it was Hell on Earth that they created. From there it was the focus on the characters themselves which stood out. There was plenty of panels with close-ups and it if faces could speak words? There were certain panels and scenes where a whole story was told visually. I should be specific and also say there was a scene where there was no words, and it was captivating for the moment it captured between Mikey and Rya.

We are all in for one hell of a fight next issue! Words from our creative team here, and they spoke true after the events of Birthright #43. Everything has led to what is about to unfold in the next issue, and surely this will be the one we will all be talking about after.

Birthright #43




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