Review: DCeased: Hope at World’s End #1

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DCeased: Hope at World’s End #1! After reading all three issues of DCeased: Unkillables, how could I not feel the anticipation for what’s to come in this next book. When they first announced that there would be more books to follow Unkillables, in that moment I was baffle since it didn’t seem like there would be anything left to come back to at a point. Then came the third issue of Unkillables and things began to make sense. I saw where this creative team wanted to go with this series, and I was all in.

With that said, it goes without saying that when it comes to a book like DCeased, you want to be sure you read everything else previous before jumping into Hope at World’s End. Even if this first issue tried to sum things up, you’re still going to miss out on a lot of emotional context which would better immerse you in this world.

Considering the new chapter this book is about to open us up to, I found it smart they they decided to try easing us back into current events. It was actually interesting that they also decided to do this through the perspective of Jimmy Olsen. This I couldn’t argue with either because this opened us up to a different point of view that we didn’t get before. Jimmy is probably the first person we followed through those first moments of the Anti-Life spread who is normal, and it matters to show an event like this from different sets of eyes. Through someone like Jimmy, we also got a bit of a better understanding of what fear feels like when you have to rely on heroes and others to save you from what is now Hell on Earth. Aside from that, this issue gave us a good idea as to what the heroes returning are fighting for. Of course there are still survivors left on Earth, so their work is not done yet.

What you appreciate most about this first issue is that it gives us a second chance to really let some of the losses sink in before jumping back into the madness again. When the world was turned upside down in the first volume, there was so much going on that you didn’t really have the room to process how devastating this was for everyone.

The interior artwork from this art team was great. Surely enough there will be some out there who will find themselves critical of the rough penciling, but that is the kind of story this is. This is a world where people are tearing themselves apart in madness, tearing others apart as agents of Anti-Life. You don’t really expect that visually that would translate into a smooth rendering of these characters and settings. So with that said, the pencils were just what we needed to better engage in the atmosphere of this world. The colors went a long way to create that atmosphere too. The colors were for the most part tame, but they did not ignore the bloodiness of this situation either. Personally I enjoyed the blood spatters more than red slapped everywhere and covering up key objects. The lettering also benefited from this too. They were able to find that one color for the word boxes which did not allow Olsen’s narration of events to fade into the background.

All in all, DCeased: Hope at World’s End #1 lived up to the name fast. Through the eye(s) of one Jimmy Olsen we got to take a trip down memory lane to remember the tragedy that was these people seeing their world crumble around them. This issue served its purpose to send the message that there is still hope that the living can reclaim what is left of the Earth.

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